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The holiday season is upon us, which for many, means lots of time spent traveling. Whether you're flying, driving, riding in a train, or anxiously awaiting the arrival of loved ones, there's bound to be some down-time over the holidays. And that is where this list will come in handy! Mike and I will be spending a lot of time in the car, driving to and from Wisconsin (and surrounding areas), so we'll need some good stuff to listen to for passing the time. 

I love listening to podcasts. To me, it's a step up from listening to music and a step down from watching a show. With music, I can get pretty lost and tune it out. With a show, I find myself wanting to actually look at the screen to know what's going on. With a podcast, I get the best of both worlds. Something interesting to listen to coupled with the freedom to move about the room (or otherwise) without feeling like I'm going to miss something important. 

Podcasts I've listened to and loved (or currently listen to and love):
Dirty John 
Serial, Season 1
How I Built This
Stuff You Should Know
This American Life
Up & Vanished
(some of these contain sensitive topics/explicit language - check the ratings before listening, if you're sensitive to that!)

Podcasts that have been recommended to me*:
My Favorite Murder
Real Crime Profile
Boss Files
Girl Boss Radio
Young House Love
The Eric Metaxas Show
The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey
Missing Richard Simmons
Wine and Crime
This Is Why You're Single
The Black Tapes
True Crime
Someone Knows Something
Wrongful Conviction
Time Suck
Case Files
74 Seconds
The Next Right Thing
In The Dark
Thinking Sideways
Terrible, Thanks for Asking
30 for 30
True Crime Garage
Generation Why
The Popcast
Missing Maura Murray
Pod Save America
Martinis and Murder
Alice Isn't Dead
Already Gone
The Moth
Small Town Murder
Queen of Crime
Happier by Gretchen Rubin
Off the Vine
Sword and Scale
Murder on Orchard Street

I haven't personally listened to any of the podcasts in this list, so I can't speak to the content, language or quality!
*based on my preference for true crime and/or learning something new

We'll definitely be diving into some of these during our holiday travel!


  1. Great post! Stumbled upon this post from BlogLovin' while I prepare for my trip back home to Wisconsin from Georgia! I am currently listening to The Struggle Bus podcast on Spotify right now but looking to find different kinds to fit different moods. I will definitely check out your suggestions as well as the rest of your website :)

  2. Listened to Dirty John per your sister's blog post about it and now I'm going to go onto Serial because of your recommendation. Thanks for the list!! Excited to listen

  3. Holy moly this list is awesome. I've been trying to get into podcasts lately and wasn't sure where to start. This list is perfect and I'm so excited to listen to one of these!

  4. Listened to a few which were great - but this list is a God send, looking forward to adding a few to my list!


  5. I work in a lab- and am by myself (or with a single co-worker) most of the time and I LIVE for podcasts! My faves are on your list, but I would highly recommend "On Drugs" for a look inside the who, what and why of certain legal and illegal drugs (it helps that I'm in pharmaceuticals!) and would also highly recommend Lime Town...which is on your list, but definitely deserves a top spot! Cheers!


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