I'm always curious about how women utilize their purse. It's the nosey side of me, I suppose. It feels like such a personal thing - I think it can say a lot about your personality. Is it organized or messy? Overflowing with things or very minimal? Is it just prepared for today, or could you likely survive the apocalypse with everything you have in it? You know, the questions that really get to the root of who you are 😉

If you know me personally, it would come as very little surprise that my bag is always quite organized and contains everyday essentials with a few "just in case" items. For the record, floss is an everyday essential which is always in my bag, but I had used up the last of it, so it's not shown here. Don't you worry though, I've since replenished my supply. I'm the girl that is always paranoid of having something in my teeth, so floss goes where I go.

I try to keep my lip colors to a minimum, but it can get out of hand occasionally when I've forgotten what's already in there. Business cards in their own holder, mini nail files, some medicine in case of emergency, and a mini perfume roller generally reside inside my bag. However, if I'm downsizing to a smaller bag for the day/evening, those will likely be weeded out. Floss, though? That stays.

My favorite part about this bag is that it can fit so dang much. Since it's gotten cooler, I've taken a scarf out with me a couple of times. When I'm not wearing it, I can easily stash it in my bag. If I'm going somewhere with a waiting room or delay, I'll bring my iPad in the small front pocket. If I'm going to work at a coffee shop for an afternoon, I'll throw my laptop, planner, notebook, and charger in with everything else. It's super versatile, which is why it's quickly become a staple in my closet!