Home for the Holidays

Mike, Milo and I hopped in a jam-packed car this morning to make our way back to the Midwest for Christmas! We’re going to be stopping through southern Illinois to spend some time with his family and then up to Wisconsin to be with my side of the family for Christmas. Since we’re going to be traveling for quite a bit, Milo is making the trip with us! He’s been to my family’s lake house in Wisconsin before, so he should adjust to his new surroundings pretty quickly. 
I’m looking forward to being with family and friends! We haven’t been back to the lake house since we got married, so it will be fun to reminisce and remember where certain things happened on our wedding day. If I’m being honest, through, I’m really looking forward to the food. Deep dish pizza, Portillo’s, and my favorite Mexican restaurant in Chicago are on the top of my priority list for things to do. I’m hoping to make it into the city a couple of times – it’s always so magical this time of year!
Per usual, I packed way too many clothes, extra cold-weather gear, and plenty of snacks for the drive. I’ve got Someone Knows Something, Missing Richard Simmons, and Stuff You Should Know episodes downloaded and ready to go, too. If you need a new podcast, here’s a list

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  1. Crazy! I am from Southern Illinois and now work in Raleigh, NC. One of my friends told me about your sister's blog and then I realized you had a blog too. I love both of them! Southern Illinois is an interesting place. Although, most folks from Chicago count everything south of Kankakee as Southern Illinois 🙂

    Posted 12.19.17 Reply

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