Sweater | Lip Color

Finding a good skincare routine that works well for my skin has been years in the making. For too long, I settled on using products that probably caused that breakout on my chin and extra oil around my T-zone and definitely didn't do what I wanted it to do. It was a combination of not wanting to throw a ton of money at products and not really knowing what my skin needed. Thankfully, I've finally found brands and products that work great for me and my skin has never been happier! 

Before I get into the products I use and how, let me explain my skin a bit. I have very sensitive skin. Like, very. I've tried products in the past that cause a full-face skin rash within hours. I break out within a day or two of using something that either isn't doing its job or isn't right for me skin type. In some ways, I appreciate the sensitivity because I know nearly instantly if I need to stop using the new product. In many ways, it has made me timid and nervous when it comes to skincare. In terms of oily/dry, I have pretty normal skin, although I do get more oily around my nose and my chin, which is where 97% of my breakouts will happen. In winter, my skin gets more dry, naturally, but I've never had an issue with regular dryness. 

Step One: Remove Your Makeup/Cleanse
There are two things that I must do in order to go to sleep at night: floss and brush my teeth, and remove my makeup. I can think of about 3 times that I've slept in my makeup in the last 6+ years. Always, always take your makeup off before you sleep! I've found that a cleansing oil, like Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil, is my favorite kind of cleanser to do this. It melts my eye makeup off and cleans my skin without leaving me feeling dry. Plus, this oil smells amazing!

Step Two: Toner
It wasn't until about a year or so ago that I regularly introduced toner into my routine. Origins Zero Oil Toner helps reduce the oil on my skin and purifies down into my pores, preventing breakouts! 

Step Three: Serum
If there's one item that you should introduce into your own routine, it's Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. It is liquid gold. I can't remember exactly when I started using it, but I will never stop. It has changed my skin. It used to be normal for my skin to have some sort of breakout that I would try to cover. After using this serum for a little while, my skin totally balanced out and was cleared of breakouts, save for hormonal or bad product reactions! 

Step Four: Moisturizer
Especially in the dry, winter months, moisturizer is key for skincare. I just started using Origins Original Skin Matte Moisturizer and I love it. It's super lightweight, smells wonderful, and has a truly matte finish. 

Step Five: Eye Cream
I do this step for my future self. I don't notice much wear and tear under or around my eyes yet, but I know that it's inevitable, so I want to keep those babies as protected as possible! I like Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, although admittedly I'm the least picky about this product. 

Step Six: Lip Balm
I can't stand when my lips feel even remotely dry, so I'm constantly applying lip balm throughout the day. Before bed, I always swipe on some Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment to keep them moisturized throughout the night.

Incidentals: Masks and Spot Treatment 
About once a week, I do a face mask. Not only is it like a little spa getaway, but it helps my skin out, too. If I've been wearing makeup a lot and my skin doesn't feel smooth, I like to use Origins Original Skin Mask to retexturize and smooth. If I'm nearing a breakout, I use Origins Clear Improvements Charcoal Mask. I love them both, but if I had to choose just one, I would definitely take the charcoal. 

When a blemish is coming on or I'm trying to treat it, I like Origins Super Spot Remover. It doesn't work miracles, but it does dry things out and speeds up the healing process! 

After I shower, I use the toner and matte moisturizer before applying makeup!