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I thought I’d bring you a special Saturday-edition Coffee Conversations post, since I wasn’t able to publish one yesterday! We got back from our trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico very late last night. It was both of our first time vacationing in Mexico and we’re quite confident we will be back! While it’s always hard to leave paradise, I’m happy to be back home and to really get into the year. Since I knew we would be gone the second week of January, I haven’t fully stepped into “work mode” since the holidays. Now that we don’t have any weekday travel on the horizon, I’m anxious to get into a regular routine and officially start the New Year. 
I read this book from cover to cover in less than three days. It was so good – the perfect companion for the beach! 
I love that my favorite foundation doubles as sunscreen with SPF 50. My skin is pretty sensitive, so applying standard sunscreen always results in breakouts. Since I’ve been using this foundation, I’ve been able to protect my skin and keep it clear! 
After eating at an all-inclusive resort for 5 days, I’m about ready to just eat celery for the next week. I didn’t really eat that bad, but I was craving a home-cooked meal by the second day! I’m definitely looking forward to getting back into the kitchen this week. I’m thinking about trying this new recipe and this one
This sweatshirt makes the perfect travel companion. 
I opted to leave my engagement ring and wedding band at home and wear these silicone bands instead. I knew that we would be in and out of the pool and at the beach, so I wouldn’t want to be wearing my rings there. Wearing them for travel to just leave them in the safe felt like a waste, so I wore the pink sand and white colors of the silicone bands and they worked great! I wear them to workout in, as well. 
Today’s plans include: unpacking, laundry, catching up on emails, and restocking our refrigerator. So, yeah, it’s going to be an exciting day at the Bown Household 😉
Hope you guys have a great weekend! 

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  1. Lindsay wrote:

    That sounds like such a nice trip! I'm sure it is good to be back, though. I saw that your foundation is a CC cream. Does it have a lighter coverage as compared to other formulas?


    Posted 1.13.18 Reply
  2. Chelsey S wrote:

    Glad you had fun in Mexico! I loved it when we went, and your Instagram pictures make me want to go back ASAP! I'm looking forward to hearing how you like the spinach lasagna–it looks delicious!!


    Posted 1.14.18 Reply
  3. Posted 1.18.18 Reply

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