Happy Friday! My week ended up looking a little bit different than originally planned. At the last minute on Tuesday, Mike and I drove to my sister's house to take over babysitting while she and my brother-in-law escaped for a little getaway in NYC! It's been really fun (and exhausting, for someone who doesn't have children 😉) to get some one on one time with our nephews for a few days. I'm treasuring this time with them!

Mike and I just surpassed six months since getting married. While that's not really a landmark anniversary or anything, it's pretty wild for me to think an entire six months has already passed since that day. We're already talking about where we want to travel to for our one year in July (or around July)!

I randomly popped onto Old Navy's website the other day, just to see if they had anything cute available, and was so impressed by their selection! I went a little wild and ordered a bunch of things, most of which are cozy/loungewear pieces and were on sale. I'm going to do a little un-boxing on Instagram Stories when I get back home this weekend, but thought I'd share a couple things I ordered: this adorable tee, this perfect bit of weekend wear, and this accurate sleep shirt.

I'm slowly working my way through this book, hoping to finish it in the next week or so! It came up as a "Recommended" read on Amazon, based on other things I've read. It's pretty interesting and intriguing at time, but I've also read some really, really good books recently. It's always a bummer to fly through a really entertaining book and then get into one that's just not as good, ya know? I'm thinking of sharing what books I've read and loved in a blog post, similar to The Podcast List, as a reference for anyone looking for a new novel!

We made these cookies yesterday and they are so good. Every recipe in this cookbook looks amazing!

Hope you have a great weekend!

image via @ashleyrobertson