On most days of the week, I would say that I love to cook. I enjoy being in the kitchen. The process of cooking doesn't often stress me out or overwhelm me. I generally dislike thinking of what to make for dinner, though. I'm one of those people who would be pretty darn happy with a bowl of pasta or a big salad every single night. In the spirit of not being the most boring eater on the planet, though, I like to make 3-4 different dinners in a week. I love being able to cook for two, instead of just myself, because I have the ability to make more food in a week! I'm not subject to eating leftovers for 3 days straight just to not waste all the ingredients I had to buy. We eat out a good bit on the weekends, so I like to make a fresh dinner most every weeknight. If you're stuck in a rut or just like discovering new recipes, I've got you! Our favorite weeknight meals are:

Chicken Taco Salad - I'm grateful to have a husband who loves salad just about as much as I do! (Assuming it has enough protein on it 😉)

The Best Chili on Earth - It actually is the best chili I've ever had! I half the recipe (or you could do the whole recipe and freeze half). We use turkey, instead of beef. It's really good alongside this Skillet Cornbread.

Quinoa Enchilada Casserole - I add in a pound of ground turkey. This reheats like an absolute champ!

Cajun Chicken Pasta - I like to add in extra vegetables, like asparagus or broccoli.

Sesame Chicken Noodles -  I found this recipe in Chrissy Teigen's cookbook and we love it! Super easy to make and so good.

Easy Chicken Parmesan - I was intimidated by homemade chicken parm until I tried this recipe and learned how easy it is. You could easily swap the chicken for eggplant, too!

Creamy Garlic-Chicken Bundles - I made these on a whim once and Mike wouldn't stop raving about them. Easy and adaptable to your tastes!

Easy Chicken and Dumplings - The title says it all, easy.

Non-recipe dinners we love include some type of fish (typically salmon or tilapia), rice pilaf and a vegetable.

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