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Happy Friday! I've tried to structure my work week so that I can take it a little bit easier on Fridays, which is always a nice treat. I like to do some prep work for the following week, so that I'm not too overwhelmed come Monday morning, and tie up any loose ends from the last few days so that I can fully relax and enjoy the weekend.

Mike has spring break this week with school, so we're considering a quick little getaway somewhere next week! It just came up as an idea a couple days ago, so we'll see if it actually happens 😉 We may end up just taking advantage of being so close to Washington, D.C. and explore some new things there!

If you're looking for great layering camis that have a slight v-neck, I've found some great ones for you! I ordered it in four colors in size small.

I made these for dinner last night after Mike raved about the Taco Bell version. I'm not a big fast food person, so I thought I'd try a homemade version and they were delicious! Super easy to customize to your taste, too.

The cuteness level is over the top.

I've been wearing these a lot this week. Love how simple they are!

Next week, I'm finally sharing my new office/workspace layout, since it has changed from this. I'm also sharing some details on my new haircut, which has been highly requested!

Also, still basically living in this, in case you wondered. It's just so soft.

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  1. Those homemade crunch wraps are amazing!

  2. If you end up going to Washington DC, you HAVE to find an & Pizza. It is SO SO GOOD! My husband and I were there on a business trip two years ago. It was so good, we ate there twice during our four day trip. We didn't make plans for much during our downtime, just sort of wandered around, which is how I prefer it. Definitely take time to explore some of the museums. You could easily spend a day in any of them. We found a breakdown of what was where in each and picked a few things we wanted to see to maximize our time. Have a blast!

  3. I lived in DC for a year and a half and STILL didn't see half of what was there. If you go in I'd do brunch at sequoiah in georgetown, go around dupont circle to the farmers market, the new harbor area is really cool, and Bens Chili Bowl in Rosslyn!

    Kim -- the photo spot in DUMBO!

  4. I bought those camis based on your recommendation! Can't wait for them to arrive!

  5. Can't wait to see the new work space!


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