Happy Friday! I've been looking forward to today all week because we have a couple friends staying with us for the night and I can't wait for them to get here! I've been busy prepping the guest bathroom for them and will be making some room in one of my offices for a bed later this afternoon! I always love hosting friends and family - I get it straight from my mom, the best hostess I know. Plus, it's a really good excuse for a good cleaning of the house! 

Did you catch yesterday's post where I shared some books I've read and loved? If you have any spring travel coming up, you may want to check out the list for vacation reading!

I just made these earrings available yesterday and they're already selling quick! I've been wearing them the last couple days and love them. I don't usually wear a drop earring, but these are worthy of 
an exception.

I shared two new lipsticks I picked up and love on InstaStories yesterday. This is a great nude that has just enough color to it. This one is a great rosy pink. They look so pretty mixed together, too!

My holy grail nightly concentrate is on sale, which rarely happens! You can read a little about how I use it and why in this post.

Mike and I just bought flights for a really exciting trip we're taking in June...we're going to London and Amsterdam! We still have to book the rest of the trip - hotels, transportation, plans, etc but we're so excited to go to some new places! This looks pretty nice right about now.

We're heading to warmer weather next weekend, so I can't wait to finally get to wear this dress (which is almost 50% off right now!) and my spring bag

Hope you have a great weekend!