I'm drinking my coffee in a to-go mug in the car on our drive to South Carolina this morning. I'm much more of a morning person than Mike is, so I always take the first shift in a long drive like this. I like the peace of the morning and getting to ease into the day while he gets in a little cat nap before he takes over. I'm looking forward to some warm weather and relaxation this weekend!

I gave myself a bright, summer-y manicure last night with this pretty color.

I love this style of decor. Don't you just want to sit there and read a book all afternoon?

If you love pajama sets as much as I do, this is a great one! There's a few other colorways/patterns, but my neutral-loving heart had to go with the one that had grey ;)

I organized my makeup drawer the other day, which was well overdue! I'm really good at keeping my products pared down to just the ones that I use regularly or that I love and only use occasionally, which is the first step. After that, it was a matter of separating out the everyday makeup from the "sometimes" makeup and organizing them separately. I picked up this organizer and this organizer to fit in the drawer and separate out all of my regular makeup in a way that makes sense. Previously, I had everything in one big makeup bag and the overflow just thrown in the drawer. It's much better with it organized!

Seeing this news story this week made me so happy! I love her and loved the podcast, so I'm anxiously awaiting the premiere.

Hope you have a great weekend!