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Happy Friday! Admittedly, this week has gotten the better of me. I haven’t been a very good steward of my time and have let some things fall by the wayside that I had hoped to accomplish. Today’s plan is to make a list of my “must do” things by 5pm and knock them out!

Mike has been on “spring break” this week, so we spent Wednesday in D.C. It was fun to play hooky from work and do something we don’t typically do. We ate lunch at our favorite spot and then walked around to a couple museums. There was an event at our church that evening that we wanted to attend, so we were pretty intentional with our time while we were in the city. I’m looking forward to making our way there when it warms up; I love walking around and finding new places and things!

One of my favorite cozy brands is having 40% off this weekend, so I ordered a couple of things to try: this dressthis sweatshirt, and this tee!

Mike and I aren’t in a place where we feel ready to buy a home (we don’t know where we would like to end up yet!), but I’ve been dreaming about what I’d love for it to be like. Outdoor space is a must for us. How fun would something like this be?! (although, I’d do it in a screened in porch, under a roof so it doesn’t get ruined by weather)

There’s two new amazing candle scents at EA! Eucalyptus Mint and Coconut Sea; both so perfect for spring/summer!

I love this fun twist on a closet basic.

I’m almost all caught up on the podcast I’ve been listening to for the last two months or so, which means I’ll need another to start. I was going to pick one from this list, but after a recommendation, I’m going to finally finish Up and Vanished. I listened to the first 10 episodes or so when it first came out and never finished.

I love the idea of using these to help more easily pick out which lipstick I want to wear!

Have a great weekend! 

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  1. LOVE old ebbitt grill! when I live in DC, that was always where I'd take visitors. Love these posts!

    Kim — the best fitness apps and get spring break ready!

    Posted 3.9.18 Reply

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