Looking ahead at my calendar for the next few months, I have quite a bit of traveling to do. Thankfully, they're all fun trips that I'm looking forward to! By May, I'm going to be an expert in packing a bag, too, so that's a bonus. While different trips and occasions require me to pack different things, there are a few items that will always make it into my suitcase. Whether I'm packing for a week in Europe or a quick weekend at my sister's house, these things are the first on my list. 

I do my best to get any work done before I set up my, "out of office". That way, I can fully enjoy wherever I am and not feel like I'm going to be far behind when I get back home. Running two online businesses though, means just about anything can happen, so I like to be prepared. Whether links aren't working in a blog post or there's an issue with a product description, I want to have something other than my phone to do work on, if necessary. I always travel with my iPad for that reason. Plus, I read my books through the Kindle App, so I need those handy! Extra charging cords, a backup power bank, a notebook for jotting down ideas when I'm inspired, and some business cards usually come along, too. I love how I can organize them all perfectly in this tech portfolio.

Have you ever been on a beach vacation and lost your one pair of sunglasses? It's not a great time. Although usually very easy to solve by buying an overpriced replacement pair at a tourist shop, I've learned it's better to just pack a back-up pair in my bag. I wear sunglasses all the time outside, even if it's cloudy but still kind of bright, so I don't like to ever be without them. Packing an extra pair means I don't have to worry about losing one and I have a couple style options on hand - oversized retro and winged square frames.

If I could only travel with two beauty products, it would be this dry shampoo and my favorite overnight concentrate. Especially if I'm going to be somewhere warm and humid, dry shampoo always comes to the rescue with my hair. If I'm packing just a carry-on suitcase, I have to limit the amount of liquids that I can bring, so I bring my concentrate and use it as an all-in-one while traveling!

I'm a very light sleeper and can sometimes have a hard time sleeping in a new-to-me bed while traveling, so I've found that packing a sleep mask can help. I seem to sleep a bit deeper when wearing one because it blocks out any light. It's nice to have one on-hand for road trips, too, so that I can make it dark even in the middle of the day!