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When we first moved into our rental home here in Virginia, we had our master bedroom, a guest bedroom, and then an office for me. I loved that office setup! It was the first time that I ever had an entire room that was just an office; not also a bedroom or joint living space. It worked well for the first couple of months, but I quickly realized that I could use some more space to work in.

After thinking through some options and getting Mike’s opinion on things, we decided that I would take over our rarely-used guest bedroom and split my offices. Mike had a little workspace in that room that we moved into an open corner in our master, although he almost exclusively works in our living room. We just had to move the queen size bed into storage and I had an entirely separate room to work in! I was able to move all of my shipping supplies, furniture and storage for Elisabeth Ashlie into the other room and turn the original office into a creative haven.

It’s wild how much of a difference I feel “going to work” in the morning walking into this space. It inspires me, which is what a workspace should do, and allows for me to focus entirely on things for the blog without getting distracted by my other work.


IKEA Soderhamn Corner Section Chair | IKEA Vittsjo Shelf Unit | Target Gold Lamp | Faux Plant | IKEA Raskog Utility Cart (similar option) | Grey Felt Basket | World Market “City Spree” Art | Target Shag Rug | Nordstrom at Home Velvet Pouf | Nordstrom at Home Heart Pillow | IKEA Pendant Light

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Grey Velvet Club Chairs | Target Floor Mirror | IKEA Gurli Pillow Cover | Russell + Hazel Desktop Calendar | Acrylic Lipstick Riser | EA Makeup Art Print | Poppin Mini Medley Notebook Set | Marquee Light Box | IKEA Docksta Table

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EA 16 oz. Vanilla Bourbon Soy Candle | EA #Goals Notepad | Rifle Paper Co. 2018 Planner | Marble Slab | EA Makeup Mug | Le Pen Set








So much of my creative work gets done in the space, you can probably see why! I love to keep a calendar of upcoming blog posts, important dates, and blog post ideas. I do a lot of answering questions on Instagram or editing photos on that cute little corner chair. And, of course, all of my blog posts are written at that table!

I’m grateful for a job that allows me to work in a place like this and a husband that encourages me to take over 2/3 of the bedrooms in our home 😉

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  1. Angela wrote:

    I love this space of yours- looks so calming and creative! I can't wait to have my own office space one day 😉

    Angela | Cue the Coffee

    Posted 3.14.18 Reply
    • Thanks, Angela!

      Posted 3.15.18 Reply

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      Posted 3.31.18 Reply
  2. Kristina wrote:

    This space is so pretty!! I really love those little velvet chairs.

    Kristina does the Internets

    Posted 3.14.18 Reply
    • Thanks, Kristina! They were such a good Amazon find!

      Posted 3.15.18 Reply
  3. Beautiful decor and I love your desk! Having a space is SO important.

    Kim — NYC Travel Guide, What to see, eat, and drink!

    Posted 3.14.18 Reply
  4. Are your plants real or fake? Where do you find them?! I am always looking for a fun update and I feel like flowers/plants are a good way to do that, especially for spring!

    Posted 3.14.18 Reply
    • Fake! I've linked the source of the plant in the post!

      Posted 3.15.18 Reply
  5. Where is 'Elisabeth Ashlie' from? Love it!

    Posted 3.14.18 Reply
  6. I am impressed. Your husband is in school, yet you have 2 offices?

    Posted 3.14.18 Reply
    • Yep! I have two businesses that require a bit of space to run and, per what I wrote in the post, he prefers to work in our living room. We discussed what would work best for us and our needs and this was the solution!

      Posted 3.15.18 Reply
  7. Karly wrote:

    Very pretty space! I can see how it would be easy to be creative here!

    Posted 3.15.18 Reply
  8. Jennifer wrote:

    Very pretty space. I envy your office setup. I have to work at the kitchen table or a tiny corner of my bedroom—though I do love the writing desk I have in there.

    Posted 3.15.18 Reply
    • Thank you! It took quite a few years to get here, but I love having a designated place to work 😉

      Posted 3.17.18 Reply
  9. Such a beautiful space, I love your pink chair!

    xx, Elise

    Posted 3.16.18 Reply
  10. Very pretty space. I envy your office setup. I have to work at the kitchen table or a tiny corner of my bedroom—though I do love the writing desk I have in there.

    Such a beautiful space, I love your pink chair!

    goldenslot mobile

    Posted 3.20.18 Reply

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