My Favorite Travel Bags

While I don't enjoy unpacking from a trip (although I do it almost immediately upon stepping foot back inside my home), I love the processing of packing for one. Thinking through what to bring, putting together outfits, and getting to use all of my travel bags is strangely satisfying to me. #TypeA

I'm an organized packer. I'm also a bag inside a bag inside a bag kind of packer, meaning aside from clothes and shoes, everything else goes inside some sort of bag. It keeps my suitcase organized and helps me not explode all of my things all over the hotel room. I thought I'd share some of my favorite travel bags, since they're functional and pretty! And, yes, I have spent the last several Christmases and Birthday's requesting only leather pouches/bags/etc.

Cuyana Le Sud Overnight 
I bought this bag before our honeymoon last year and am so glad that I did! Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it's a great option as a weekend bag or a carry-on. I like using it for things I want easy access to, like my purse contents, reading material, and snacks. It also works great for packing up toiletries or cosmetics for a road trip. Aside from shoes, I've been able to easily pack everything I need for a night away in this bag.
(Shown with Le Sud Tassel)

Other options: Mason Weekender Bag, Kelis Duffel Bag

Cuyana Leather Travel Case Set
I use the larger case as my daily makeup bag, but love the option of the smaller one for random odds and ends. My sleep mask, extra hair ties, first-aid items, you name it.

Mark and Graham Leather Tech Envelope
This is one of my favorite birthday gifts from the past. It's unlike anything else that I have, which is why I loved it so much! I like traveling with my iPad, a notebook, pens, chargers, headphones and the like, so having a designated carrier to keep all of those things together has helped me. Plus, it makes it really easy when I get on the plane; I just pull this out of my carry-on bag and have everything I need. No more rifling through separate pockets in my carry-on bag or purse looking for everything I want to have out during the flight.

Other option: Tech Travel Case, Travel Cord Roll

BAGGU 3D Zip Set
I have a set of these nylon zip pouches and love them. I like using the smaller sizes to pack hair products or liquid cosmetics and the larger size for shoes (that I don't want dirtying my clothes) or winter accessories. I use them as laundry bags, too! There's nothing worse than rifling through a suitcase looking for clean socks and realizing you're putting on a pair a used pair instead. They're easy to clean out and fold up flat, so they don't take up any space in storage.

Other option: Wash and Wear Travel Pouch

Mark and Graham Daily Leather Travel Pouch
I like this zip pouch for toiletries; skincare, hair products, q-tips and cotton swabs (in the front pocket)! It has a couple of interior pockets that work really well for makeup storage, too.

Other option: All Purpose Travel Pouch

Mark and Graham Daily Leather Mini Roll
This mini case usually houses my hair accessories - ties, bobby pins, clips - but I also like using it in my daily purse to hold my lipsticks and balms. It's small enough that it doesn't take up a lot of space in a bag, but still keeps me organized!

Other option: Small Cosmetic Case

Cuyana Mini Jewelry Case
While I don't typically travel with a ton of jewelry, I didn't have any functional way of storing what I did travel with. Previously, I'd just throw it in a ziploc bag and zip it inside one of the interior pockets of my travel bags. While that method worked just fine, I love having a designated carrier for my earrings, rings and necklaces that keeps them safe and organized.

Other options: Small Jewelry Case, Jewelry Case Roll


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  1. I love that overnight bag, it looks so practical and pretty! I'm totally a "put it all in a million bags" packer as well, this was really helpful!

    Angela | Cue the Coffee


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