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H&M Knit Cardigan | J.Crew Factory Graphic Tee | Agolde Parker Vintage Cut Off Shorts | EA Blaire Tassel Drops | Becca Pressed Highlighter | Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation | Dior Addict Lip Glow in Lilac | Madewell Tote | Old Navy Double Strap Sandals |

Coffee Conversations

TGIF FOR REAL TODAY, PEOPLE. It's been a weird week. I've felt off the entire week, which does not usually make for a great time. It felt like nothing was quite working how it should. I found myself frustrated with work projects that weren't happening how I'd imagined and generally in a funky mood. Nothing bad happened this week, which is why it was even more strange to feel so off. I'm looking forward to a few days off to reset and to go into Monday with a clear mind and a positive attitude.

One thing I'm very excited about is that my best friend is coming to visit us this weekend! I'm looking forward to showing her around and enjoying the nice weather we're expecting. I'm anticipating a winery or two in our future, which I'm happy about!

Since it's been a strange week, I've taken more time to do some things around the house, like Spring cleaning! It feels so good to go through our closets and edit/purge/re-organize. While I will hold on to some decor items for a long time (5+ years), I can be very decisive when it comes to figuring out what stays and what goes. I dropped off an entire trunk full of throw pillows, small decor pieces, clothes, shoes, blankets, and more at Goodwill this week and it felt great! I've simplified some decor around our home for Spring, too, which you get a sneak peek of above!

EA is having a mug sale this weekend! All mugs are just $8, including the weekend mug.

I ordered this pack of tees after my sister talked about the maternity version and I'm very into them. I've worn one of them nearly every day this week. They're super soft and a great slouchy-but-not-sloppy fit. I ordered them in US 4 and they're the perfect fit.

When my mom and I were in Orlando a couple weeks ago, our hotel room bathroom had the best lighting I've ever used for getting ready. It was what I imagined would be on a professional shoot set. Since I couldn't bring the bathroom back home with me, I went for the next best option, which was ordering a lighted mirror. It's not the same has having a massive, perfectly-lit mirror, but it's great for even makeup application and getting to really see my skin.

I shared a bit on Instastory yesterday that I've been using Drunk Elephant skincare products and really liking them. My skin is clearer, more even toned, and overall looking better since starting to use this day serum and night serum several weeks ago. This is the kit that I started with, which was a great introduction to the products! I'll definitely be ordering more when I use these up.

Taking this perspective into next week!

Have a great weekend!

How I Keep My Totes Organized

Remember when "totes" was a cool thing to say, in place of totally? I laughed when I wrote the title of this post because you could easily insert any word in-between "my" and "totes" and it would be an entirely different title.

ANYWAY, let's talk totes, but the bag kind. I love a good tote bag. Truthfully, I love just about any bag, but that's beside the point right now. Tote bags serve a specific purpose - to carry all the things. I typically use them when I'm traveling (they're the perfect carry-on) or if I need to bring along a particularly cumbersome amount of things wherever I'm going. 

My one beef with a tote bag, though, is that they're usually just a hollow bag. You may get lucky with a zipped pocket on the interior, but otherwise it's just a big empty space. While this is great for carrying a lot of things, it's not great for someone who likes to be organized and like to be able to actually find what they're looking for in their bag. 

Enter: the tote bag organizer. It would be a bit dramatic to say that it's a game changer, but it's kind of a game changer. Everything has it's perfect spot to be stored so you don't lose anything at the bottom of your bag! 

Like I said, I tend to carry a lot of things with me when I have a large bag, so having an organizer like this keeps it all in place! There's no more rifling through all the stuff at the bottom of the bag just to find my floss.

This organizer is great because it can fit into all of my tote bags, no problem. It's short enough that it doesn't show over the top of the bag, but large enough to actually hold all the things.

If you've steered clear of larger bags like this because you fear everything will get lost, now you can rest easy knowing there's a solution! There's plenty of space at the top of the bag to lay an extra sweater or something on top of the organizer, too.

When ordering online, be sure to pay attention to the dimensions of the size that you choose, so that you know it will fit correctly in the bag! I use this organizer in the Large - Slender size for my Madewell Transport Tote



My Favorites from the Sephora Sale

Sephora's big sale is happening right now! If you're a beauty insider, you can get 10% off.  I've been an insider (I'm VIB status, which gets you 15% off!) for several years now and love it. Discount codes can be found on Sephora's website.

Here's a look at my favorite things you can get on sale:

no. 01 Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
I love this setting powder! Leaves my skin feeling soft and keeps my makeup in place all day.

no. 02 Beautyblender Pro
This blender makes all the difference in how my under eye concealer wears throughout the day.

no. 03 Travel Jar Set
I love these for travel! They make bringing my moisturizer, face mask, lotions, etc so much easier because I can pack just the amount I need and save space in my suitcase.

no. 04 Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
The best full-coverage foundation I've tried in a long, long time. Goes on super smooth and lasts all day. I wear shade 2C3 Fresco.

no. 05 Wanderlust Travel Set
Another great option for travel - shampoo, conditioner, and body wash (or lotion). No more cheap bottles from the dollar section that fall apart after one trip. My shampoo and conditioner are different colors, so I know how to differentiate between them. You could also use a small sticker or sharpie to identify the bottles!

no. 06 St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse and Applicator Mit
I've been using this self tan mousse for a couple months now and love it. It gives a beautiful, gradual glow that looks natural. If I have the time, I wear it for the full three hours. If I need just a little boost, I'll put it on for one hour and run out the door. I love that you rinse it off - no more self-tanner scent on your body!

no. 07 Anastasia Brow Wiz
My go-to brow product for a few years now. The fine tip allows for precision filling and natural-looking brows. With my hair lighter, I use Soft Brown. Whenever it's darker in the winter, I go with Medium Brown.

no. 08 Urban Decay Naked2 Eyeshadow Palette
My go-to palette for years now. You can do a light, summery eyeshadow look, a dark, smokey eye, and just about anything in between. The colors have great pigmentation and the palette lasts a long time!

no. 09 Becca Pressed Highlighter
I'm excited to try this highlighter! I love a good highlight on my cheekbones during the summer months, so I'm hoping this one delivers like the reviews say it does.

no. 10 Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
This primer creates a great base for foundation application without leaving my skin feeling greasy or caked with makeup. I can use less foundation and concealer, too!

no. 11 Make Up For Ever Ink Liner
My secret weapon for lining my upper lid - I love the brush tip applicator and that it lasts forever.

no. 12 Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
I'm excited about this sleeping mask! I have perpetually dry lips, so I'm curious to see if this is a game changer.

no. 13 Bite Agave Lip Mask
My always-on-my-person lip product...had to restock!

no. 14 Fresh Sweet As Sugar Minis
Love all of the Fresh Sugar lip balms, especially when they're mini! You can totally justify carrying three in your purse at all times 😉

no. 15 Dior Addict Lip Glow
I have this in the Lilac and the Pink - they're both great options for a subtle lip color.

no. 16 Moroccanoil Treatment
I love to put a tiny amount of this on my ends after blow drying my hair. Keeps them moisturized and smooths them out.

no. 17 Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
No explanation needed, right? My holy grail overnight serum.

Other notable things on sale:
My favorite Tarte mascara, this liquid lipstick that lasts all day (I wear Baci), and the best charcoal mask.


Coffee Conversations

Happy Friday! I was in Orlando with my mom for the better half of this week, which was wonderful, but I'm happy to be home and back into a routine. I'm looking forward to being productive again! Am I the only one who looks forward to returning from vacation? It's not that I don't enjoy traveling or anything, I just love getting back into normal life stuff, too. Although I do miss the perks of having someone make my bed for me every morning and having every meal prepared for me 😉

This highly coveted fleece from last fall/winter is back in stock in all colors and only $49 today! RUN, do not walk. I bought my normal size, could also have sized up one (or even two) for a looser, cozier fit!

Sephora is having their Spring Beauty Insider Sale right now. I'm going to do a little round-up of things I ordered/recommend tomorrow. If you're not an Insider, you should join because you get 10% off your order! Plus, you get great perks along the way.

J.Crew Factory has 40%-60% off everything this weekend, which includes this sweater blazer I love, these adorable pom pom shorts, and these fun sunglasses.

I started listening to a new podcast, now that I finally finished Up & Vanished. I'm listening to Accused now, but about three episodes in, I realized I've already listened to it! It's been a few years and I don't really remember what happens, so I'm not going with it. It's reminiscent of Serial and Up & Vanished, so if you liked either/both of those, you may like Accused, too. I know that I haven't listened to the second season, so at least I have that!

Stud earrings lovers: EA now has a stud earring set for nearly every day of the week!

You know I can't resist a super soft and cozy piece of clothing, so I've been wearing this on repeat that last couple weeks. I love throwing it on in the morning as a replacement for my robe!

We're only 7 weeks away from our London & Amsterdam trip! We're getting very excited to travel together and explore new places!

Details on our bedroom (in the photo) can be found here.

Have a great weekend!


Saturday Style

I love the simplicity of a denim shirtdress. It can be styled countless ways, but will always have an effortless feel to it. I love the idea of it styled a bit more casual for the weekend by pairing it with some cute espadrille sneakers, delicate jewelry and an understated makeup look.

Happy Saturday!

Madewell Courier Shirtdress (similar option) | Aerie Lace Bralette | Marc Fisher Baila Espadrille Sneakers (similar option) | Madewell Medium Transport Tote | EA Personalized Disc Necklace | EA Luxe Bar Studs | Quay High Key Sunglasses | Mac Lipstick in Blankety | Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette Beauty Glow


Coffee Conversations

Happy Friday! Today is going to be a good day, for two reasons. First, it's Friday and that's always a step in the right direction. Second, it's supposed to get up to EIGHTY ENTIRE DEGREES today. EIGHT. ZERO. That's shorts weather, people. I can wear SHORTS today. Can you believe it? It's truly a Christmas miracle, only four months later. I'm thrilled to absolute pieces. It feels safe to say that many of us have suffered long enough with this never-ending winter, so sunshine and warm air is a delight.

Tomorrow morning, the first of my weekly outfit details email will go out! If you missed it on my instastory earlier this week, I'll be sending out an email one time a week, typically Saturday morning, which includes all details for shopping my Instagram photos from the previous week. I'll also include any sizing, fit, color information that I think you should know before buying something you see! If you're interested in receiving this one-time-a-week email, you can sign up here.

I'm heading out of town again this Sunday, this time to Florida! I'm meeting my mom in Orlando for a couple days for a little girls' trip. I'm looking forward to spending time with her and relaxing for a few days. Mike and I have been unusually busy the last month or so, with it not letting up for the foreseeable future, so I'm happy to take advantage of some downtime when I can.

I'm so tempted by these espadrille sneakers. So tempted. I don't have anything like it in my closet, but I just can't decide if I will get enough use out of them or not. I love that they're different!

Mike is on a mission to eat a bit better than we do now. In theory, I love the idea. While we don't eat particularly bad, we could definitely cut some things or swap out some things for healthier versions. For example, we don't need to always have ice cream in the freezer...because we will eat it and then I will buy more. Or we can get a side salad instead of fries when out to dinner. I'm all about it until it comes to meal planning and making a grocery list and then I collapse. I left him in charge of picking recipes for dinner this week and he did a great job! My favorite thing we ate were these teriyaki salmon bowls. They're going to become a staple meal for us. You could easily swap out for chicken or make it a vegetarian meal, too!

EA introduced two new curated boxes this week: The Beauty Babe Box and The Weekender Box. Don't forget to shop the curated Mother's Day collection, too!

Hope you have a great weekend!

My Favorites from the Opalhouse Line at Target

If you're an avid Target-lover like me, you've already browsed (and probably) purchased some things from the new Opalhouse line. I don't blame you, because it's just all so perfect and beautiful! I love that it's a little bit more funky than some of their other home decor, but it's not so out there that items are impractical. I love to have a bit of a mix in our home decor; some modern, some rustic, some cozy. I'm excited about adding in a bit more boho style for the summer!

Here's a look at my favorites from the line:

I want to buy all of the velvet things because how cozy do they look? I love a good velvet piece; it adds an elegance and sophistication to a room without much effort. The only thing missing at our current rental home is an outdoor space, which I would fill with all the string lights and lanterns.

My absolute favorite item from the whole collection is this rattan chair. I think it's so cool and different. We don't currently have a spot for it in our house, but I'm not above donating other furniture we have to make a spot for it. It's hard to pass up a cool statement piece for that price!

(This post is not sponsored, I'm just excited about this new line!)

Saturday Style

What kind of Saturday person are you? Do you use the day to relax and catch up on rest you missed during the week? Or do you like to be productive and get to any outstanding tasks that were pushed off until the weekend? I'm somewhere in between, usually depending on what kind of week I had. This past Saturday, I spent the day mostly relaxing and catching up on rest. From traveling last week and then a full day in D.C. on Friday, I needed a day to just tune out and unwind.

For chill weekends, I love throwing on an outfit like this if I do go out for something. Whether it's to grab brunch with Mike or run a few errands, I'm always in "weekend casual" mode, so leggings and tees are where it's at. To make it a little less loungewear-esque, I add a few accessories, like cute shoes, fun earrings, and a neutral lipstick to pull it all together.

BP. Denim Trucker Jacket (also love this one!) | H&M V-Neck Tee (similar option) | FP Movement Sunny Skinny Sweatpants | EA Geometric Stone Stud Set | Quay After Hours Sunglasses | Maybelline Color Sensational in Nude Lust (Very similar Mac color) | Sole Society Aerin Crossbody | Vince Camuto Theera Espadrille Sneaker (budget-friendly option)

Coffee Conversations

My week has been all thrown off due to returning from traveling on a Tuesday evening. Today feels a lot more like a Wednesday than a Friday, but I'll take it! My in-laws are in town, so we're all heading into the city today to see the Cherry Blossoms in bloom! I'm hoping the weather cooperates so that it's actually nice to be outdoors, but it's so unpredictable lately. I am seeing pretty consistent Spring-like weather coming for us towards the end of next week! I'm just looking forward to going outside without wearing a heavy jacket or a couple of layers to keep warm.

If you're looking to celebrate the mom's in your life with some jewelry this Mother's Day, I've put together a collection of my top picks here! Just a little something to show her that extra appreciation for what she does as a mom.

Some of my favorite everyday tees are currently on sale. I have it in white and grey, but am considering a couple more colors for the warmer months. I love them for throwing on around the house or with jeans and cute mules for an easy outfit.

I've moved on to my next novel! I've just started Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng. I'm only a couple chapters in, but am definitely intrigued.

Mike and I started listening to Up & Vanished on our drive home from South Carolina. I had listened to the first 10 episodes or so when it first came out, but got sidetracked and forgot to go back. We were looking for a new one to enjoy together in the car, so this fit the bill! It had been a bit since I'd listened, so it's been a good refresher to hear some of the details again.

My grey suede slip-on sneakers that I wore all through the winter are on sale! I'm wearing them here, here, and here.

This looks like such a cozy spot to kick your feet up on a Saturday afternoon, doesn't it?

Have a great weekend!

My Holy Grail Picks: Loungewear

In the continuation of sharing my ultimate, holy grail picks in different categories, today is my favorite category. Great loungewear is my love language; it's fun to find the coziest pieces to work and relax in. The majority of what I wear in a week would fit into this category. I only put on denim if I'm leaving the house, and even then, I'll usually try to find a way to wear leggings. Since I have some experience in this department, I thought I'd share the best of the best of what I've tried and wear. 

BP. Raw Edge V-Neck Tee
A super-soft, looser fit tee that works well with a longer tank layered underneath it. This is in my regular rotation of my loungewear outfits at home.

Old Navy Graphic Tee
I like a simple, plain tee, but sometimes want to switch it up with a graphic tee! I love a graphic tee for an athleisure look or for adding a little interest to an otherwise simple look.

Madewell Pocket Tee 
You know I love this brand, so these tees being included in my holy grail round-up should be no surprise. You can't go wrong with a basic pocket tee, especially when it fits well and lasts through many washes.

Ugg Aira Knit Slippers 
I've had these slippers for years now and they're still like new! I love the thicker sole for extra support and they keep my feet warm while working from home.

Barefoot Dreams Baha Lounge Hoodie 
The softest and coziest sweatshirt that has ever graced my skin. I love this brand for warm, cozy loungewear around the house. I put this hoodie on nearly every morning and evening.

Lululemon Align Pant 
That whole "naked sensation" thing is spot on. These are my favorite leggings for everything (except working out). I love how thin they are while remaining comfortable.

Ugg Dakota Slippers 
A simpler pair of slippers that have a fun moccasin style. I like the hard bottom for support and long-wear comfort.

Make + Model Boyfriend Lounge Pants 
I have a pair of these from a year or so ago that I still wear regularly! They're ultra soft and wash like a dream. While I love wearing leggings around the house, sometimes I prefer a looser fit sweatpant, so these fit the ticket.

Honeydew Intimates Lounge Pants 
A new discovery for me, these lounge pants are soft and wear really well. They're great for at home, but could also be dresses up a bit to be worn out in public for an athleisure style.

H&M Sweatshorts 
A casual short made from classic sweatshirt material and with pockets? Sign me up! I have a couple pair of these very budget-friendly shorts for the warmer months.

Barefoot Dreams Robe
I went on the hunt for a cozy robe sometime last winter. I tried a couple of other brands that were recommended to me, but couldn't quite find something that I loved. That was, until, I ordered this one. It was love at first try-on. I love this robe for cold mornings - it's heavy and a bit bulky, so it keeps me cozy when I first sit down at my computer to work.

My Holy Grail Picks: Beauty Edition

You know the classic ice-breaker question, "if you were stranded on an island with only _____ items, what would you have with you?" I'm sort of answering that, but in a less dramatic way. I don't anticipate being stranded on an island and a beauty product wouldn't be on my list if I was to find myself in that situation, BUT you get the idea. I thought it would be fun to round up my "stranded island"/holy grail items in a couple different categories: beauty, style, etc.

I share a lot of products and things that I love with you guys through this blog and my Instagram feed. I like trying new products, especially if I've heard good things. Sometimes they work great and get integrated into my beauty routine, sometimes they're just okay, sometimes they flop. The ones that are great and prove their greatness overtime, however, are the special ones. Those are the holy grail items, baby. Each of the items that I'm about to share with you have been purchased with my own money, so you know that I actually love them! Most of them, save for a couple of lip products, have been purchased several times because they're just that great.

I've shared in skincare posts previously that I didn't really pay attention to my skincare until the last couple of years. Now that I am intentional about it, it's one of my favorite beauty categories. I love finding and using products that enhance my skin and work well for me.

Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask
I could go on and on about how much I adore this mask, but I'll spare you the details. Plus, you've probably already heard me talk about it several times, so you know. I've tried a couple other charcoal masks that just didn't compare to this one. I can feel it working on cleaning out my skin as soon as I put it on. It stops breakouts before they get worse and keeps my skin looking good! I use it about once a week.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
If I had to pick only ONE beauty product to use for the rest of my life, it would be this liquid gold. It's amazing, incredible, wonderful, the best, etc. It's cleared up my skin, adds brightness, moisturizes, balances, smells great, basically does all the things. I use it every night after I cleanse my skin.

Fresh Beauty Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Balm
I have this irrational fear of being stuck somewhere with dry lips and no lip balm on me. I always had chapped lips as a kid. Once I hit high school and realized my lips didn't need to be chapped at all times, I started carrying a tube of chapstick with me everywhere I went. It was either in my purse that was on me or in my back pocket, just in case. That habit has carried through into adulthood! I have a lip balm everywhere in our house - the bathroom, my office, my nightstand, our living room. No matter what room I'm in, I know that there's a moisturizing lip product nearby. Of all the kinds that I've tried, I do love this one because I feel like it lasts the longest. It's super moisturizing and doesn't soak in too quickly. Plus, it doesn't have any taste to it, which is a bonus!

I prefer my nails with polish on them versus not. As soon as a nail starts to chip, though, it's all coming off. I can't deal with chipped polish on my nails like some people can! I'll just end up peeling it all off and damaging my nails. I used to like getting gel manicures since they lasted so long, but hated how destroyed my nails would be when I would get them removed. Regular nail polish lasted, at max, three days on me before it started chipping. I would polish them 2-3 nights a week, which is crazy! That is, until, I finally found a formula and combination of products that works for my nails! I can get my at-home manicures to last at least five days now, which is a game changer.

Seche Vite Clear Base Coat
This is the best base coat I've used. It's not too thick or sticky and creates a nice surface to flawlessly apply the color.

Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish
This is it, guys. If you haven't tried this line yet, you really should! I have several colors that I rotate between, but my go-to lately has been Matter of Friction. The application is super easy, too: I use my base coat (although you don't technically have to), two coats of color and then the top coat.

Essie Gel Couture Platinum Grade Top Coat
This top coat works great to seal in the color and create a nice shine.

Growing up with a hairstylist sister, I was bound to be a little neurotic about my hair, right? If I had to choose between wearing makeup or doing my hair, I will always choose doing my hair. You can read about all the haircare products I use and love in this post, but here are a couple of my must-have's.

Aquage Uplifting Foam
My sister introduced me to this uplifting foam years ago and I've been using it ever since. It gives great lift at the roots without feeling like I have a ton of product in my hair.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo
I've found this dry shampoo to be one of the best that I've used...and I've tried a good amount. It does its job well without leaving behind any residue or extra unwanted product.

Kenra Volume 25 Hairspray
The best hairspray around, hands down. It feels like I've been using this product forever. It smells great, holds wonderfully and doesn't get crunchy or make my hair feel grimy.

I've tried a fair amount of makeup in the past couple of years, although probably nowhere near what some people go through. I'm much less daring when it comes to makeup than I am with clothes. I'm down to try the new trends or something that's a bit out of my comfort zone with styling, but makeup is more intimidating to me. I enjoy playing around with new products and, having tried enough in the last couple years, I feel comfortable knowing what brands, colors, types of products work well with my skin.

Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara
The best mascara I've used, for sure. With naturally full, long lashes, this magic in a tube enhances and amplifies my lashes without feeling too heavy. It comes with a steeper price tag than a drugstore mascara, but for me, it's worth it. I have recently started using a great drugstore dupe that I'm loving though!

it Cosmetics CC Cream
My go-to foundation for a couple years now. I like a medium coverage foundation - my skin likes to breath and I prefer to be able to see my freckles under my makeup. I love this one because it's buildable and has the built in SPF.

Dior Addict Lip Glow
I prefer tinted balms to lipstick most of the time, so this one was an obvious choice. I love the balm because it does a great job enhancing my natural lip color while hydrating. I have it in the Lilac (my favorite!) and the Pink.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Morning After
The best everyday, barely there, wore it on my wedding day color. I used to be pretty bold with my lipstick color choices - I loved a bright, hot pink. While I think it's fun to play around with bold colors, this is a wonderful everyday, any occasion shade. It adds just enough color to pull together a full makeup look, but still looks natural. I love the formula of these lipsticks - they don't dry out and they wear really well.