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TGIF FOR REAL TODAY, PEOPLE. It’s been a weird week. I’ve felt off the entire week, which does not usually make for a great time. It felt like nothing was quite working how it should. I found myself frustrated with work projects that weren’t happening how I’d imagined and generally in a funky mood. Nothing bad happened this week, which is why it was even more strange to feel so off. I’m looking forward to a few days off to reset and to go into Monday with a clear mind and a positive attitude.

One thing I’m very excited about is that my best friend is coming to visit us this weekend! I’m looking forward to showing her around and enjoying the nice weather we’re expecting. I’m anticipating a winery or two in our future, which I’m happy about!

Since it’s been a strange week, I’ve taken more time to do some things around the house, like Spring cleaning! It feels so good to go through our closets and edit/purge/re-organize. While I will hold on to some decor items for a long time (5+ years), I can be very decisive when it comes to figuring out what stays and what goes. I dropped off an entire trunk full of throw pillows, small decor pieces, clothes, shoes, blankets, and more at Goodwill this week and it felt great! I’ve simplified some decor around our home for Spring, too, which you get a sneak peek of above!

EA is having a mug sale this weekend! All mugs are just $8, including the weekend mug.

I ordered this pack of tees after my sister talked about the maternity version and I’m very into them. I’ve worn one of them nearly every day this week. They’re super soft and a great slouchy-but-not-sloppy fit. I ordered them in US 4 and they’re the perfect fit.

When my mom and I were in Orlando a couple weeks ago, our hotel room bathroom had the best lighting I’ve ever used for getting ready. It was what I imagined would be on a professional shoot set. Since I couldn’t bring the bathroom back home with me, I went for the next best option, which was ordering a lighted mirror. It’s not the same has having a massive, perfectly-lit mirror, but it’s great for even makeup application and getting to really see my skin.

I shared a bit on Instastory yesterday that I’ve been using Drunk Elephant skincare products and really liking them. My skin is clearer, more even toned, and overall looking better since starting to use this day serum and night serum several weeks ago. This is the kit that I started with, which was a great introduction to the products! I’ll definitely be ordering more when I use these up.

Taking this perspective into next week!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Chelsey S wrote:

    I definitely agree about it being a weird week!! And I’m gonna add that mirror to my Amazon cart—our bathroom has terrible lighting for doing makeup!

    Posted 4.28.18 Reply

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