If you're an avid Target-lover like me, you've already browsed (and probably) purchased some things from the new Opalhouse line. I don't blame you, because it's just all so perfect and beautiful! I love that it's a little bit more funky than some of their other home decor, but it's not so out there that items are impractical. I love to have a bit of a mix in our home decor; some modern, some rustic, some cozy. I'm excited about adding in a bit more boho style for the summer!

Here's a look at my favorites from the line:

I want to buy all of the velvet things because how cozy do they look? I love a good velvet piece; it adds an elegance and sophistication to a room without much effort. The only thing missing at our current rental home is an outdoor space, which I would fill with all the string lights and lanterns.

My absolute favorite item from the whole collection is this rattan chair. I think it's so cool and different. We don't currently have a spot for it in our house, but I'm not above donating other furniture we have to make a spot for it. It's hard to pass up a cool statement piece for that price!

(This post is not sponsored, I'm just excited about this new line!)