Five Shoes I'm Wearing this Spring

My booties, over-the-knee boots and heeled boots are officially neatly packed away for the season. I've pulled out all of my warm weather shoes and edited them down to the styles that are still in good condition and that I will actually wear this year. As I was going through them, I realized there's a pretty clear selection of styles that I'm drawn to for the spring/summer. Here are the five shoes I'll be wearing:

Ballet Flats
I went through a season in high school wearing the same exact pair of gold ballet flats from Target every single day. I wore them until I literally wore a hole in the sole, and then I bought another of the same pair to replace them. While I'm not that into ballet flats at this time in my life, I do think they serve their purpose! I love them as a comfortable, yet polished option. They're also really handy for those times when my toe nails could use a little love but I haven't had time to spend on them, if you know what I mean. I wore these flats in a nude leather for dancing at our wedding!

It's hard to find a more seasonally-appropriate shoes than an espadrille, in my opinion. Something about the braided sole, (typically) canvas fabric, and fun colors, these shoes just scream, "WEAR ME TO THE BEACH!" I've always been drawn to the leather styles of an espadrille because it's a little bit classic, a little bit trendy, and very comfortable. I picked these up recently and know that I'll be wearing them all the time with dresses, shorts and cute tops!

Embellished Mules (or any kind of mule!)
I love mules for a lot of reasons, but the best thing is how easily they can add some sophistication to an outfit. From the pointed toe to the refined silhouette, I think everyone should have a pair of mules in their closet. I have a pair of totally neutral mules, these embellished ones, a pair of neutrally-colored mules and a set of patterened ones and I wear them all for different occasions. You can wear them with anything, too! 

Double-Strap Sandals
It's always good to have a pair of easy sandals in your closet. I've been preferring a slide-on style recently, as they're super simple to put on there's no risk of blisters or skin irritation from an ankle strap. Plus, I love the two-tone detail!

Heeled Booties
When I'm looking to dress up a little bit more, I like to reach for a heeled bootie. They're cool and edgy, but still feminine and dressed up. Plus, they're usually very comfortable and good for long-wear.

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