Memorial Day Weekend is behind, which means the unofficial start to summer has happened! We've already had a few summer-like weather days in Virginia, so my closet is full of dresses, shorts, and some fun prints. Since I've dipped into a summer wardrobe already, I thought it would be fun to share my summer wardrobe essentials.

1. A floral or patterned kimono. If you read this post, you know all about my love for kimonos already. I won't go into a deep explanation, but I do think that everyone should have one in their closet this year. It's the easiest way to add a little color/patter/fun to a simple dress or jeans and a tank.

Also love: this, this, this, and this

2. A denim jacket. Eternally my favorite type of outerwear for the summer. A little bit of structure in the fit with the laidback vibe that a denim jacket naturally gives off, I'll always reach for one!

3. A simple dress. Living in a place where it gets hot in the summer, I love a simple go-to dress to wear. When it's steamy outside, I want to wear the least amount of clothes with the least amount of fuss, so a dress is my first pick.

Also love: this and this.

4. A pair of denim shorts. Paired with a cami and kimono, a flowy top, or a sweater for a cooler evening, you can't go wrong with a great pair of denim shorts!

Also love: these (budget-friendly) and these.

5. A pair of espadrilles. Nothing says summer to me like a pair of espadrilles. I love the laidback, vacation feeling of the woven soles mixed with fun colors and fabrics.

6. A tote bag. This is an all-year essential, in my opinion, but especially in the summer. I love having a big bag to carry all the things.

Also love: this budget-friendly option!

7. A white lace or embroidered top. I love the fresh, crisp look of a bright white top against tanned (natural or sunless 😉) skin. Paired with those denim shorts and cute sandals, it's a winner!

8. An easy tee shirt. I like to throw on a comfortable tee with denim shorts if I'm running out the door. There's not much thought required to put together a cute and easy outfit.

9. A pair of double strap sandals. I love this style of sandals this year. I had a pair that I wore a lot last summer, but I'm finding that these are the only type of sandals I'm interested in! They're super comfortable and I love the two-tone feature.

10. A lightweight cardigan. It's always good to have a breathable, lightweight cardigan for a cooler evening or morning. I love throwing one on with my top and shorts or over a dress for a little extra warmth.

Also love: this (I have it in two colors).