I've always preferred my nails polished instead of bare. I'll let my nails breathe for a day or two in between at-home manicures, but that's about the only time they're naked! You wouldn't know it from the excessive collection of colors that I have, but I typically rotate between just a few colors each season. I find my favorites and keep going back for more! The same has been true this summer; I've got a pink, a neutral, and a fun pop of color.

My favorite neutral has been Pre-Show Jitters. It's a near-white with a pretty pink undertone. It definitely takes two hearty coats to cover my nails nicely, so keep that in mind if you use it!

I'm loving the bright pinky-purple of Haute to Trot for my pink option. It's bright and fun, but isn't neon or too in-your-face.

When I'm feeling especially saucy (making this word happen again, by the way), I love First View. It's a pretty baby blue that's fun for the season!

Essie Gel Couture is the only nail polish that lasts more than a day or two for me, which is why it's the only one I use! I finish with the top coat for a guaranteed 5-day manicure (sometimes longer when I'm not working - I'm tough on my nails!)