Hello! I'm back this week for Coffee Conversations -- these are my favorite posts and I didn't get one up last week. It's been a busy week packing and prepping for our move and gearing up for the Fall collection for Elisabeth Ashlie

Speaking of Elisabeth Ashlie, there's a pile of jewelry and some goods that are on sale right now. After a busy summer not being able to fully get into the work swing, I'm feeling super inspired and motivated to do some things I've wanted to for awhile for the biz! First up, refining our jewelry selection, which means a ton of pieces are on sale. 

Am I the only one who is sort of ready for Fall to arrive? I've always been a cooler weather kinda person, so the prospect of being able to wear jeans and a cardigan outside and not suffer a heat stroke sounds amazing. Also, apple cider donuts. 

I popped into Target earlier this week and walked it with way more than I went in for, which is pretty standard! One of the things I'm happy to have found is this super soft pullover. I've worn it around the house a couple days this week and love it!

Do yourself a favor and pick up this dress while it's on sale. And shop the rest of the sale because 60-75% off!!

One of the things I've always done before moving is try to burn down all of my partially-burned candles. I don't really know why because they're perfectly easy to wrap up and travel, but I'm finding myself lighting candles as often as possible. I'm starting to wonder if it's my subconscious way of making it so that I need to buy new candles after a move. Anthropologie has the best selection, in my opinion, and they're 20% off right now! I just might have to pick up a couple...

As of now, we have zero plans this weekend, which I'm thrilled about! I'm hoping to make some major progress on packing. 

Have a great weekend!