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TGIF! The first half of this week moved at a snail’s pace and then I blinked and it’s Friday!

I started a new book this week, I Found You. I’m barely into it, but I find myself looking forward to being able to read it when I get into bed at a night, which is always a good sign!

LOFT is having another great sale this weekend! I rounded up some of my favorites here, but I’m particularly loving these adorable shoes, this staple closet item, and this pretty top.

Speaking of things on sale, all of EA’s mugs and non-Fall candles are discounted right now! This is the first time in the history of these candles that they’re marked down, so if you’ve had your eye on one, now is the time to take advantage!

How cute is this thermal top? I’m finding myself anxious to dig into my Fall wardrobe but it’s just too dang hot to even consider it. I love that this is a happy meeting ground — has the look and feel of cool weather but I could actually wear it now.

I was doing some light Internet-browsing yesterday and these sneakers instantly caught my eye. I need another pair of sneakers like I need a hole in my head, but that’s completely beside the point 😉

I asked Mike to cover food and cooking this week for us (I usually do that) and he crushed it! I enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen, but very much do not like meal planning and coming up with what to eat for dinner throughout the week. I tend to go back to the same recipes that I always use, so I get bored! I had him take over everything this week – planning, shopping, cooking – and it was a really nice break.

When we were in Wisconsin a couple weeks ago, I did a cooking class with my mom and sister where we used a grill pan to cook chicken breasts. I’d never had success with it before that class, but it inspired me to try doing it at home! Since then, we’ve been using our grill pan a ton — chicken, fish, turkey burgers. In the class, we grilled the chicken breasts on the pan to get the grill marks and char, and then finished in the oven to ensure the meat was cooked through. I’d never considered doing it that way, but it’s changed the way I use our pan! Anyway, in case you’re like us and don’t have an outdoor grill (we cannot wait to get one after we move!), an indoor grill pan is a great alternative!

Have a great weekend!

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  2. AshDem422 wrote:

    Ugh I had "I Found You" on hold at library but didn't make it there in time. I will have to put it back on my list. I am currently reading "Everything You Want Me to Be" (can't recall if it's from one of your reading lists) and almost finished with it in 48 hours. LOVING IT. What did you think of 7 Husbands of EH? I think you were reading it a few weeks ago.

    Posted 8.20.18 Reply
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