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In keeping with the theme of our Summer thus far, the last couple weeks and the next few will be quite busy. Why, you ask? We’re moving! Yes, again! We’ve been in our current rental for just over one year already, which is hard to believe. I’ve moved seven times in as many years, only staying in one apartment in Chicago for more than a year, so this is sort of par for the course. We are staying in the same city that we’re in now in Northern Virginia, just picking up and moving across town.

When we first moved to VA for my husband to begin his master’s program, we didn’t know the area at all. We chose the rental that we’re in because it was enough space for the two of us and seemed like it was in a good neighborhood. It was always a temporary home for us – something to live in for a year while we got to know the area and figure out what kind of space we need. Our one-year lease quickly came to an end, so we’re out of here! I’ll be sharing a bit more about the place we’re moving into in the next few weeks, but for now, I’m in full-on packing mode.

Part of me feels like we just got settled into this space and I’m a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of having to do it all over again. The other side of me, you know the one that has moved nearly every year for the past 8 years, is so anxious to get into a new space and figure it out. I love the challenge that comes with decorating a new space and figuring out different ways to use the pieces we already have. We’re moving into a bit more square footage than we have now, so I know there will be some major furniture and decor shopping over the next several months. I’m looking forward to being able to refine our home decor style and finding pieces that we love!

I’ve been a pinning machine over on Pinterest, absorbing so much inspiration. Historically, I’ve gotten my apartments nearly completely unpacked and decorated within a week of moving in. I don’t like the stress of having that hanging over my head and I’ve had a pretty good collection of decor and furniture to work with. It was mostly about finding the spot for it in the new apartment and recreating the decor I had in the last one. I’m anxious for a little bit of a change this time around, but not sure what that will be yet!

All this to say, things may be a bit quiet around here the next few weeks. On top of packing and moving, I’m also planning and buying for fall/winter jewelry and goods for Elisabeth Ashlie. My creativity is going to be pretty tapped by September, I think 😉

As always, I’m most active on Instagram, so head over there for updates and maybe an outfit or two!

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