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Happy Friday! This weekend is the first in our new house (we were out of town over the holiday weekend), so I'm looking forward to being able to tackle some more projects. We've got a light fixture to install, some furniture to rearrange, and plenty of little menial tasks to complete. I'm not a person that does well with unfinished projects, no matter how large or small. The incompleteness will occupy my mind and make it difficult to do just about anything else. I'm finding that I'm needing to show myself a lot of grace with this home - it's not all going to be done overnight and it will be a process and that's okay. I've hesitated on inviting our friends over to see it because it's not a finished product yet, but if I wait until that moment, it will be 2020 😅 So, I'm choosing to give myself some grace and take a step back, realizing that it will all get done in time but I need to enjoy it until then.

I started reading When Breath Becomes Air over the holiday weekend. I've actually had it in my kindle library for well over a year but kept bypassing it for other options. I wanted a change from my regular mystery/thriller type book, so I finally started it! I'm in the very beginning, but am enjoying it so far.

Ulta has their 21 Days of Beauty Sale going on right now - it's a great time to get really good makeup at a discount! Each day there are a couple different products that are discounted, so you can check out the calendar to see which days you should shop.

EA Fall Surprise Box is now available for purchase! There's limited quantities, so get one while you can. You can also shop the Mornin' Pumpkin mug I've been using!

Have you picked up this perfect layering cami yet? I've already worn the white a few times and am planning on wearing the black today! It's a great option for under a cardigan or jacket.

I'm starting a new series here on Coffee Conversations where I answer your questions from Instagram Stories. They can be about anything and everything! I'll be taking questions each Thursday and then choosing several to answer here!


Hands down - favorite US city you've visited?
Man, this is a tough one! My gut reaction is to say Charleston, SC. We've been there a few times and I always enjoy our time there. It's got the charm of the lowcountry with the energy of the city and it's just so dang beautiful. Very, very close behind that would be Seattle, WA. We went last Spring and both fell in love with it. It's the most beautiful place I've seen in the states.

Will you ever get a dog?
Never say never, but as of right now, probably never 😉 I grew up with dogs and enjoy being around them, but they can be a lot of work. We just may be a "cats only" family!

How many homes did you look at before deciding on, "the one"?
We looked at probably over 100 online listings for homes -- I felt like we were constantly checking Zillow,, and every other home buying site every day for new listings. I'd guess we walked through maybe 8-10 before finding this one. The home-buying process can be difficult, disheartening, and frustrating at times (like when you aren't finding what you want!), but it's all worth it when you find the one you love!

What are some of your must-have fall wardrobe pieces?
I just shared a post this week with my Autumn Style Guide, which includes the items I would list here! A great pair of denim, comfortable knits, a vest for layering, cute booties, and long cardigans come to my mind first.

What would you label your style as?
If I had to describe it in three words, I'd say: casual, comfortable, and approachable. I like wearing things that I feel good in, which is usually jeans and a tee shirt. I occasionally like to mix it up with a feminine top or edgy shoes, but generally stick with a pretty accessible collection of pieces.

How are you and Mike the most similar & how are you two so different from each other?
In a lot of ways, we are very different. He's laid-back, I'm more high strung. I'm very organized and Type A, he's a bit messier and scattered. The list goes on. We're both similar in that we prefer to be in the background - neither of us like a lot of attention or to be in the spotlight. We have a similar sense of humor and enjoy the same activities. The most important thing we have in common is that we share a relationship with the Lord.

Working from home, what does your average day look like?
Every day is a little different, to be honest. Since I work from home and work for myself, I choose to do all of my errands during the workday. Truly, one of the best perks of my job since I don't have to go to the grocery store on Sunday with everybody else! I like to wake up early, in the 7 o'clock hour, and start working right away. Depending on what the day requires from me, I'll either spend the majority of it at my desk or I'll be all over the house shooting product photos, photos for Instagram, processing orders, etc. I love the variety that I get day to day!

Do you make the candles for Elisabeth Ashlie yourself, or outsource?
I make them myself! It started on a whim last Fall when I wanted to make some candles for Christmas gifts. I wasn't intending to add them to the product assortment for EA, but once I had all the supplies and saw how much I enjoyed the process, I figured I'd test out the waters with selling them. I love choosing new scent blends and seeing you enjoy the end result of my labor! (Our fall collection is no available, you can shop them here!)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. We've been to Seattle once, and it's easily one of my favorite places that I've been! The Pacific Northwest in general is beautiful!! Now I want to go again!! :)


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