October Amazon Favorites

I love this tunic with leggings and sneakers or dressed up a bit with jeans and booties. It's super soft and stretchy, so it's very comfortable. Plus, the quality for the price can't be beat! (It runs true to size.)

I tend to believe that you can never have enough pairs of lounge pants, including these joggers. They fit like a true jogger and the material is soft. (Fit true to size.)

I love these hair ties because they actually hold my messy bun for the day! 

I've actually had my rambler for awhile now but wasn't using it regularly until the last week or so. I love that it keeps my coffee hot/warm for closet to 2 hours. I no longer feel like I need to gulp it down in 5 minutes in order to actually enjoy it in the morning! This would make a great gift this holiday season!

I love a buffalo check print, especially this time of year! This throw would look great on an occasional chair or the end of a guest bed. It's a neutral piece that's decorative and functional, which is what I look for!

To make it easier to look at and not lose my phone on my desk ๐Ÿ˜‚

What a cute greeting!

I've come to find that I love this style of slipper. It keeps my feet warm without making them so warm that they sweat (and then get cold). The sheepskin adds a cozy element, and the hard bottom makes them comfortable to wear for awhile around the house.

Who can say no to a good salt scrub in the bathtub?

10. Extra Long Tee
These tees were an absolute gold mine of a find for me! I have them in three colors already. They're a fantastic length to wear with leggings or layered under a sweater.


Saturday Style

A little weekend style inspiration...love a laidback but chic look like this! A simple pair of skinny jeans and knit sweater are elevated by pretty details like a lace bralette and layering necklaces. I love a classic pair of chelsea boots with an outfit like this - they're comfortable and sophisticated. Add a fun crossbody bag and a matte lip for a finished look!

H&M Knit Sweater | Aerie Bralette (currently on sale!) | Madewell Roadtripper Jeans | NARS Lipstick Pencil in Bettina | French Coin Necklace Set | Madewell Chain Crossbody (currently 20% off!) | Target Chelsea Boots 

Coffee Conversations

We're doing the exact opposite of what my mug is telling me this weekend...we're spending it at my sister's house! I'm excited to spend time with my nephews and niece, as well as the adults ๐Ÿ˜‚ She's going to be doing my hair, which I'm in pretty bad need of. It's been a bit since I've had her trim it, so we're going to do that and freshen up the color a bit!

Can you even believe it's the last Friday of October?! I don't know how it happened. That means there's just 28 days left until Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, which is wild. I've heard this year is supposed to be the biggest year for holiday shopping -- the best sales and promotions from retail and great online offers. It will be interesting to see what stores do! I feel like each year it's gotten more and more crazy, so it's hard to imagine what else they could possibly offer. I did see that Target, for the first time ever, is offering free 2-day shipping this holiday season, which is amazing.

I pulled out my Yeti mug this week for my morning coffee and am wondering why I haven't been using it every day since I bought it. It keeps my coffee hot for so much longer than a regular mug, so I can actually enjoy drinking it instead of feeling like I need to chug it before it gets too cold.

It's been several weeks since we saw A Star Is Born and I still listen to the soundtrack a few times a week. Have you seen it yet?

Next time these go on sale (which will probably be very soon), do yourself a favor and order every color. Okay, you probably don't need every color, but at least get one. They are ridiculously soft and just so comfortable to wear around the house. They fit true to size!

We're planning to do some updating to our kitchen (hopefully soon). We have a pretty good idea of what we want to do, but haven't nailed down a design yet. But this is making me want to do it right now! So beautiful.

In case you missed it on my Instagram Stories earlier this week, this tee is a great, GREAT layering tee. I first ordered it in the stripes and loved it so much, I went back to get the white and the black. I love a long tee like this to wear with leggings so that everything I want covered is covered, ya know what I mean? They fit true to size and would probably even work well with a bump, if you're pregnant! You're welcome, in advance.

Have a great weekend!


Keeping Warm with Abercrombie

Well, it's happened. I've moved my lightweight jackets to the basement closet and brought my cold weather, heavy weight jackets up to the coat closet by our front door. I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me a little bit happy. I would take cool weather over hot weather every single day of the week. I figure, you can warm up if you're cold (usually), but it's harder to cool down if you're hot. If I could find a place to live that's about 67ยบ and sunny during the day and about 50ยบ at night (and no humidity - I just want to live in a land with no humidity), I would move tomorrow. 

One of the things that I miss about living in Chicago is getting a ton of use out of a heavy parka. I loved bundling up before heading out the door on a cold day. I don't miss 30 mph winds whipping my face, but that's a separate issue. When I saw this parka from Abercrombie, I couldn't resist it. You already know my love for this pullover and this cami, so it makes sense that I would move onto outerwear. I love that classic parka-style that it has with the big pockets, warm hood and extra length in the back. It also has a removable faux fur vest and hood-lining, which I love. I like that there are options when it comes to how I want to wear it. I've been truly impressed with the quality and longevity of the other things that I've purchased from Abercrombie over the last year or two. I've found their fit to be spot on, which makes it really easy to shop with them online. They offer pieces that can easily be incorporated into my wardrobe and fill some holes that I have. They have so many good New Arrivals right now, too!


I thought it would be fun to show two different ways that I would wear this parka - one as a classic parka and the other with the removable vest. I styled the vest with a close-fitting henley top and this beautiful scarf. I can see it being something that I'd wear to a casual holiday party, especially because of the pop of red in the scarf!

Skinny Jeans (wearing normal size) | Flannel Shirt (wearing S) | Parka (wearing XS) | Scarf 

Thanks to Abercrombie for partnering on this post!

Getting Our Home Guest Ready

One of the many things that I loved about our new home when we first walked in was the fact that we could have a proper guest bedroom. With almost all of our family and many of our friends living out of town, the prospect of being able to comfortably host them on visits was exciting! There are two bedrooms in our home (besides the master), so we opted to turn the smaller of the two into the space for guests. Because it's pretty tight, we knew that furnishing it would need to be creative and simple. I wanted to choose pieces that served multiple purposes, both in the room and within the rest of our home.

I was able to create a functional and beautiful nightstand setup in our guest bedroom with ease thanks to Walmart! When I first started browsing their home section, I was truly impressed by the options and the value. I came across some really cool pieces, like this lamp, and couldn't believe my eyes. It quickly became clear to me that I would be able to put together something that I loved without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality, both of which are important to me! One of the best parts about shopping online is their "shop by style" feature where you can choose your home style (or what you think your home style is) and shop for any room in your house. This feature is especially helpful if you're someone that struggles with creating a cohesive look and flow to your room or home. They take the work out of it for you as soon as you click on the category that you like most! (No surprise, my favorite categories are mid-century and industrial.) The best part? Shipping is free on orders over $35 - no membership required. I received everything within one week, too!

When it came to picking out a piece to use as a nightstand, one of the first things that came to mind was a bar cart. I like finding a different use for a piece like that - I think it adds interest to a room and also adds value to the piece of furniture! When something can serve more than one distinct purpose, it's good to have around. While it is totally functional as a nightstand, I can also pull it out of the room and use it to house drinks or food while entertaining, as extra shelving in my office, or as storage in a bathroom. I then picked out a few decorative pieces that are on the modern side to finish the styling - I love that I can switch out the florals/greens in that beautiful vase as the seasons change!

Once I start decorating for the holidays, I'm picturing the cart wrapped with some pretty twinkle lights, a couple bottle brush trees and a chunky throw blanket added to it. 

If you're in the market for home decor, I recommend starting here!  

Bar Cart | Lamp Base | Lamp Shade | Throw Blanket | Throw Pillow | Vase | Marble Tray | Succulent


Thanks to Walmart for partnering on this post!

Coffee Conversations

Good morning and happy Friday! I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling like this week was a bit of a ride. We've entered into that time of year where my to do list grows every day, along with my level of stress and feeling of overwhelm. Most of it is self-inflicted -- there's a ton of things I want to do for my business for the holidays -- but it's still been a bit of a week. I can feel that my system is just tired. I need a restful weekend (or day, at the very least) to unplug and recharge. I'm looking forward to that this weekend!

If you watched season 1, you probably already know that season 2 of Making A Murderer was released on Netflix today! We were absolutely engrossed in the first season when we watched it a couple years ago, so I'm anxious to start part two to see what it's all about.

I'm in the market for a pair of black heeled booties (kind of can't believe that I don't have a pair, considering I wear black so often in the winter!), and these are calling my name. I love the side slit detail!

There's two great sales happening right now:
LOFT - 40% off with code FRIENDS (shop my picks)
Abercrombie - 30% off with code 11728 (shop my picks, including my pullover that you love!)

How cool is this floor lamp?! I also want to Fall-ify our living space now with these throw pillows. And this gorgeous copper serving tray.

I got a ton of great style-related questions on my Instagram from you all. I picked a few of the common ones to answer here, but am also thinking of doing a blog post dedicated to the rest of them!

What is your favorite budget-friendly store to shop at?
In the last year or so, it's Old Navy. I also have had major luck at H&M in the past, but that's one store that I only shop in-person at.

I never know what kind of shoes to wear with leggings, I can't wear sneaks all the time! 
When I'm going for a casual or athleisure look with leggings, I always wear sneakers. Sometimes athletic sneakers like these, otherwise slip-on sneakers like these. If I'm looking to dress up a pair of leggings with an oversized sweater or with a cute top and cardigan, I'll either do the slip-on sneakers, a pair of mules, or a pair of ankle booties!

What are you top 1-2 things to make you feel put together? I.e. hair, makeup, shoes, jewelry...
I would take a good hair day over a good makeup day, so the first thing that helps me feel pulled together is my hair. Whether it's freshly styled, or a couple days old, as long as I can revive it and make it look how I like it, that always helps me feel put together, even if I'm just lounging around the house all day. The second thing behind that would be a good outfit. Whether it's jeans and a tee or leggings and a sweatshirt, there's a way to put together an outfit that makes you feel good. And feeling good shows!

I received quite a few questions about how to do athleisure/loungewear well, which is basically what I live in, so I'm thinking I need to do a whole blog post on it!

Wearing white in winter...yay or nay?
I'm a firm believer in not following "fashion rules" -- if you like white and you want to wear it, go for it! As long as you feel good in what you're wearing, that's what matters.

How often do you get rid of items in your closet?
I have a post about how I clean out my closet here.

How do you launder your clothes?
Another frequently asked question! I wash nearly all of my clothes on cold, either gentle or normal cycle. I hang-dry most everything (denim, sweaters, cotton tees) and then will either steam or toss in the dryer on "fluff" with a wet washcloth to get the wrinkles out. For things that are especially delicate or fragile, I will hand wash in cold and lay flat to dry in their shape.

I realize that not everyone has the time or capacity to hand wash or to hang dry, but I've found that laundering my clothes carefully keeps them in their best condition and allows me the most use out of them. Especially with things that are not cheap, it's worth it to me to take the extra time to care for them!

I should also add that I get a lot of use out of an item before it goes in the laundry pile. I wear jeans many times (especially if I'm just wearing them around the house or something) before they get washed. As long as I haven't sweat or been around something with an odor (like a bonfire) in a top, I'll put it back in my closet after wearing. A lot of things get several wears before they get washed, which helps to keep the integrity of the item!

Have a great weekend! 

How I'm Changing Things Up This Season

I've made some changes to my beauty habits and what products I use with the changing of the season. Something about the weather shifting to cooler temperatures makes me want to overhaul everything - my closet, makeup routine, hair styling, etc. I welcome the change and opportunity to try new things! The first change that I've made is switching to one of the great fall scents from Native for my deodorant. You know my love for this natural deodorant already and just when I thought things couldn't get better, they went and released fall-scented options! I went with Orange & Honeysuckle (it smells so good), but they also have Lilac & White Tea, Lemon Zest & Pomegranate (I was tempted by this one!), and Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Use code loves10 for 10% off your order here!

I swapped my very bright, looks-good-with-a-little-glow pink blush for a less bold pink. I think it complements my coloring and preferred lip colors this time of year well! (shade: exposed)

The next thing I've switched up is my go-to lip colors. I love a nude, understated color for the summer, but there's something about dipping into richer, bolder lip colors this time of year that I love. Because this is right around the time my skin looks more fair, it makes the color pop even more! I've been loving this liquid lipstick lately (in the shade portofino).

I've been experimenting with curling my hair with the larger barrel on my wand, for a bit of a more relaxed look. Since it's not at max humidity outside anymore, I can get away with a looser curl without feeling like my hair has gone flat!

Making these few product swaps and changes don't add any extra time to my morning or complicate my routine at all. They're just a few easy things I like to do to welcome a new season!


Thanks to Native for partnering on this post!

Inside Our Home: My Closet

I'm excited to take you inside our home again...this time into my makeshift closet! Our master bedroom has an attached loft space, which is what we decided would become my closet/dressing room. We didn't have any other use for the loft space and the existing master closet is fairly small. I loved the idea of being able to have a separate space where I could store all of my clothes, accessories, beauty products and more. I knew I had to put in some sort of closet system, since it was just an empty loft before. I ended up deciding on the Pax System from IKEA. I went back and forth and mixed and matched so many different configurations for the system before deciding on this exact layout.

I was pleasantly surprised by how easily everything came together. I've built a lot of IKEA furniture in my lifetime. This was far easier than building a dresser, in my opinion. I did the whole system myself in about two days. I'm pleased with how it looks and functions for me. You'll see that I allowed myself ample hanging space, as I hang most of my clothes. I opted to put drawers in the largest section, which house my tees, camis, loungewear and sweatshirts. I've been pretty surprised to find that I have more storage space than I can even use! The drawers aren't full and those shelves on the left side are impressively deep! I added the baskets to the top to hold my seasonal clothes - right now, it's heavy knits, scarves and hats, and bathing suits.

I love how it turned out! It's fun to have a separate space where I can store all of these things and have a little fun while getting dressed each morning.

Read this post for my shoe storage solution.

Rug | Bench (HomeGoods) | Baskets | HangersTote BagLeggings | Cami | Cardigan