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Good morning and happy Friday! I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like this week was a bit of a ride. We’ve entered into that time of year where my to do list grows every day, along with my level of stress and feeling of overwhelm. Most of it is self-inflicted — there’s a ton of things I want to do for my business for the holidays — but it’s still been a bit of a week. I can feel that my system is just tired. I need a restful weekend (or day, at the very least) to unplug and recharge. I’m looking forward to that this weekend!

If you watched season 1, you probably already know that season 2 of Making A Murderer was released on Netflix today! We were absolutely engrossed in the first season when we watched it a couple years ago, so I’m anxious to start part two to see what it’s all about.

I’m in the market for a pair of black heeled booties (kind of can’t believe that I don’t have a pair, considering I wear black so often in the winter!), and these are calling my name. I love the side slit detail!

There’s two great sales happening right now:
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How cool is this floor lamp?! I also want to Fall-ify our living space now with these throw pillows. And this gorgeous copper serving tray.

I got a ton of great style-related questions on my Instagram from you all. I picked a few of the common ones to answer here, but am also thinking of doing a blog post dedicated to the rest of them!

What is your favorite budget-friendly store to shop at?
In the last year or so, it’s Old Navy. I also have had major luck at H&M in the past, but that’s one store that I only shop in-person at.

I never know what kind of shoes to wear with leggings, I can’t wear sneaks all the time! 
When I’m going for a casual or athleisure look with leggings, I always wear sneakers. Sometimes athletic sneakers like these, otherwise slip-on sneakers like these. If I’m looking to dress up a pair of leggings with an oversized sweater or with a cute top and cardigan, I’ll either do the slip-on sneakers, a pair of mules, or a pair of ankle booties!

What are you top 1-2 things to make you feel put together? I.e. hair, makeup, shoes, jewelry…
I would take a good hair day over a good makeup day, so the first thing that helps me feel pulled together is my hair. Whether it’s freshly styled, or a couple days old, as long as I can revive it and make it look how I like it, that always helps me feel put together, even if I’m just lounging around the house all day. The second thing behind that would be a good outfit. Whether it’s jeans and a tee or leggings and a sweatshirt, there’s a way to put together an outfit that makes you feel good. And feeling good shows!

I received quite a few questions about how to do athleisure/loungewear well, which is basically what I live in, so I’m thinking I need to do a whole blog post on it!

Wearing white in winter…yay or nay?
I’m a firm believer in not following “fashion rules” — if you like white and you want to wear it, go for it! As long as you feel good in what you’re wearing, that’s what matters.

How often do you get rid of items in your closet?
I have a post about how I clean out my closet here.

How do you launder your clothes?
Another frequently asked question! I wash nearly all of my clothes on cold, either gentle or normal cycle. I hang-dry most everything (denim, sweaters, cotton tees) and then will either steam or toss in the dryer on “fluff” with a wet washcloth to get the wrinkles out. For things that are especially delicate or fragile, I will hand wash in cold and lay flat to dry in their shape.

I realize that not everyone has the time or capacity to hand wash or to hang dry, but I’ve found that laundering my clothes carefully keeps them in their best condition and allows me the most use out of them. Especially with things that are not cheap, it’s worth it to me to take the extra time to care for them!

I should also add that I get a lot of use out of an item before it goes in the laundry pile. I wear jeans many times (especially if I’m just wearing them around the house or something) before they get washed. As long as I haven’t sweat or been around something with an odor (like a bonfire) in a top, I’ll put it back in my closet after wearing. A lot of things get several wears before they get washed, which helps to keep the integrity of the item!

Have a great weekend! 

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