I know I'm not alone in my love for all things Amazon! It's the first place I go to check if an item I want is available (Prime Shipping, baby!). Since I browse and buy a lot through Amazon, I thought it would be fun to do a monthly roundup of my favorite finds and purchases. I'll be sharing it at the end of each month! Here's my favorites from September:

I've been using velvet hangers for a few years now. I hang most of my tops and cardigans and think that the velvet makes a difference! My clothes don't stretch or have those weird bumps near the shoulders from other hangers. Not to mention, they're pretty! 

I love wearing my Apple Watch, but sometimes feel like the "sport" band that it came with doesn't quite go with my outfit. I've been looking for a replacement strap and this one caught my eye. I love how easy it is to attach and it's very budget-friendly! 

This dress was my first foray into "random fashion finds" on Amazon and I was pleasantly surprised. It's exactly as pictured! It's a great option for Summer or transitioning into Fall - just throw a jacket or cardigan over top! (Fits TTS.)

I'll admit...I'm a little bit of a pen snob. I've found these pens to be the absolute best out there! The writing is smooth, clear and they last a long time. 

I've shared about how I use these glasses on Instagram Stories before - I think that they make a difference for my heavy computer use days. I like the pink because they're fun and different from something I would normally wear! 

I bought this blanket during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and it's easily one of my most-used items from that. We keep it on our living room and both my husband and I curl up with it almost nightly. It's incredibly soft, cozy and a great size to fit more than one person! 

My favorite puffer vest is now available on Amazon! I was so excited to see J.Crew Mercantile come to Amazon Fashion. I have this vest in two colors and wear them all through the colder months. They last for years, too! (Fits TTS - I wear an XS for a fitted fit, but could do a S for a more relaxed look)

I originally ordered one of these to hide an ugly plastic planter, but then ordered more to serve as storage around the house. I love how it looks holding a throw blanket in the living room, extra clothes in a closet, or even as miscellaneous storage in an office! 

I had one of those full-sized steamers for many years - it worked just fine, but was bulky to store and obnoxious to carry up several flights of stairs to steam something. I decided to get a small steamer to see if it would work just as well and it does! It can live on a shelf in our linen closet, so it takes up very little room. Plus, I love that we can take it with us when we travel - no more hotel room irons and ironing boards! 

Is it just me or do lightning cables disappear as often as hair ties?! I can't seem to keep my cables around, so I ordered this set. I also wanted an extra-long one to reach to my desk in my office, so the 10 ft. one lives down there. They're not flimsy and work perfectly.