A Few Amazon Finds

I love Amazon. It’s the first place I go for nearly anything. Navigating through some of the departments can be a bit overwhelming to me. Women’s Fashion and some of the home decor items are two categories that I browse a lot but don’t often buy from. I always read the reviews and love when other customers have shared photos of the item – that helps a lot in determining whether or not I’m going to try it. There have been a few items that looked a little to good to be true, but turned out to be just what I hoped!

High Waisted Leggings, Charcoal, XS

These are the closest leggings that I’ve found to a Lululemon Align Pant dupe and I’m very into them! I virtually live in my Align Pants. I own several pair and wear them several days each week. They’re a go-to for me, so when I saw these leggings that were touted as almost as good as the Align’s, I had to try. Let me tell you, the reviews are not wrong! They’re very similar to the Align’s, in my opinion. They’re a bit heavier and feel like more of a performance material than the Align’s, but I actually really love the material. They hold me in a little better and I like that they feel a little more sturdy. There’s also a hidden pocket in the waistband, so you can easily stash your phone, keys, or something else small that you need with you. I already ordered two more colors, the midnight navy and mauve pink! I would say that they run true to size – I prefer my leggings on the slightly tighter side, so that I don’t feel the need to pull them up throughout the day. I’m wearing these in an XS and find them to be comfortable and not too tight for me. There are a few different styles by the seller: brushed yoga pants and 7/8 length.

Off-the-shoulder Athleisure Top, White, US 2-4

This top turned out to be a gem! It’s a lightweight material, so it’s nice and breathable. I love it styled like this for an athleisure look. It’s definitely long enough in the back to cover in leggings, but I do pair a longer tank underneath it for full coverage in the front. It’s comfortable worn off-the-shoulder, or can be worn like a normal boatneck top. It comes in 15+ colors, too!

Phone + Watch Dock, Rose Gold

I’ve been using this dock for about a year and love it! It sits right on my nightstand, so that I can easily access my phone at night and in the morning. I love that it keeps my devices off the table top (more room for my latest book and nighttime beauty products) and my cords organized.

Handheld Clothes Steamer

I’ve always preferred a steamer to an iron. It’s more convenient, does the job just as well, and is faster. When I came across this travel-sized steamer, I had to have it! We use it for our regular steaming, but also travel with it. I seem to always end up with wrinkled clothes out of my luggage, no matter how I pack them, so having this guy with us is a lifesaver!

CZ Diamond Stacking Rings – silver set of three, round rose gold, pavé rose gold

I love these stacking rings. They quality is really good for the price and they look great next to my real diamond engagement ring and wedding band! I like either wearing a couple on my right hand or even stacking a couple of the bands with my wedding ring and engagement ring. I bought this set, this individual ring, and this individual ring.

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