Spring Beauty Look: Cat Eye

One of my favorite beauty looks is a cat eye. I love how it helps to open up my eyes and make them pop, looks refined, and can easily be worn understated or more glam. Getting your “perfect line” for this look can be a little intimidating – it does take a bit of practice – but, with the right products, you can nail it every time! I wear a cat eye year round, but especially love it for a more understated option heading into the spring and summer.

Everything I used to create these two eye looks is from Ulta Beauty. Ulta is my go-to store for all things makeup and hair. I love the variety of brands that they carry for every price point – you can create your favorite makeup looks no matter your budget. Without fail, every time I go in to the store, I walk out with more than I went in for. I can’t resist!

Okay, to the cat eye. I thought I’d share two versions of it: a downplayed, minimalist version and a more vamped up, glam version. Most often, I go for a more understated look, since that matches my style the best. But, for a date night, special event, or if I’m feeling extra fancy, I’ll maximize the look with a smokey eye and bolder line.

For the more minimal look, I simply apply a neutral, light-colored eyeshadow all over my lid. This will serve as a base to add a little bit of shimmer or glow to the lid, without looking like I’ve put on a ton of eyeshadow. I used the shade¬†Tempera, from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette (which is a great palette, by the way!). I then went in with ULTA Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Matte Black and did a sort of smudged line. You’ll naturally get a more “lived in” looking eyeliner line when using a pencil like this versus a liquid, but I also purposely smudged it a little to add to the more casual feel.

The result is a light and easy makeup look that adds a bit of definition to your eyes. I love doing something like this through the warmer months when I’m not wearing full eyeshadow or a lot of foundation or face makeup.

To vamp it up a bit, you can add a smokey eye and go bolder by using a liquid eyeliner. For the smokey eye, I used the Soft Glam Palette again. Tempera went all over my lid, Rustic went from the outside of my lid to about the middle, and I smoked it out with Cyprus Umber in the crease, using this smudger brush. Then I went in and lined my upper lid using this angled liner brush dipped in the shade Noir. I lightly lined the outside corner of my lower lash line, as well.

With all my shadow in place, I went in with Benefit Roller Liner Liquid Eyeliner to line my top lashes and wing it out. When using a liquid eyeliner, precision is key, so I usually go across my lash line with a light hand first. Once I have the shape along the lash line that I want, I’ll go over it again to make it a little bolder and then I’ll draw the wing out. I’ll add a little volume at the spot where the wing meets the line along my lid, so as to create that classic cat eye.

The end result is a bold, but still approachable eye. What I love about it is that you can totally customize it to what you like. If you prefer a little color in your eyeshadow, you can do this with some red and pink undertoned shades, or with more shimmer, or do a bolder smokey eye. You can also make the eyeliner as bold or as minimal as you want. You can add a deep or bold lip color for an even more dramatic look! ¬†Once you get the hang of applying eyeliner along the top of your lash line and winging it out, you can do whatever you want with it! And that’s exactly how it should be – doing your makeup how you like it and feel your best in it!

Special thanks to Ulta Beauty for partnering on this post!

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  1. Shelley wrote:

    Love your blog and insta. What are your thoughts about eyeliner on the bottom? I only do brown halfway across.

    Posted 3.6.19 Reply
    • Lauren wrote:

      Thank you! I don’t really like it on myself, but I think it’s personal preference. If I’m going for a really bold or glamorous look, I’ll smudge a little very dark eyeshadow on the outside of my eye, along my lower lash line.

      Posted 3.6.19 Reply
  2. Inna wrote:

    Oh gosh I had to look up the necklace you’re wearing at EA and ordered it!! It looks so cute! Can’t wait to get it!!!

    Posted 3.7.19 Reply

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