What’s Your Morning Routine?

I love the mornings. In the early morning, I love when it’s dark and quiet and feels like I’m the only one in the world that is awake. I’m most productive and creative in the morning, coming off of sleep and proper disconnection from work and obligations.

Since I work from home, there’s no rush to get ready, eat breakfast, get out the door, chaotic morning routine. Most mornings, I wake up, brush my teeth, brew my coffee, and go straight to my desk to start working on the day’s blog post, responding to emails, or shipping orders for Elisabeth Ashlie. I don’t have any sort of “ease into the workday” routine – I like to just get right to it. On days that I take a little time to myself, I feel behind on the day, even if it’s just 30 minutes of reading. I need to make the mental shift in my head that 30 minutes spent on something non-work is not a waste of time in the morning, but it’s difficult!

I’m trying to get into the routine of having some quiet time in the morning. For me, that looks like reading the day’s devotional from Jesus Calling, reading some scripture, and having some reflection/prayer time. I know that when I take the time, I will have a clearer perspective and usually a better attitude for the day.

So, I’m curious: what do your mornings look like? Do you work out of the house and have a chaotic morning? Do you work from home and have some boundaries set for your first hour of  the day? Are you a stay-at-home mom at the mercy of someone else’s schedule?

If you think you have a healthy, well-balance morning routine, how did you get to that point?

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  1. Kait wrote:

    I wake up about 45 minutes before my husband to get a workout in. It’s a 30 minute workout and I feel so much better after. Then I get ready for the day. When I’m finishing up my husband is usually getting up. I make coffee and do a load of laundry or unload the dishwasher- anything to make our evenings a little less hectic. Soon after my son is usually getting up. After snuggles he eats breakfast while I do my devotional. Then I get him ready and we head off to preschool and work.

    I need to make a mental shift because if I miss that workout I am crabby and feel behind all day. I love the alone time, the feeling of accomplishment, and the endorphins after a workout but I’m trying hard to give myself grace if I get out of routine or just need a morning to take it easy. But it’s much easier said than done.

    Posted 3.14.19 Reply
  2. Natalie wrote:

    I’m a student, so I sometimes have the luxury of sleeping in later than the average working person, but I’ve found that the earlier I get up, the better I feel and the more I can accomplish- especially during exam season!

    I like to get up and immediately make my bed and tidy up my bathroom! I then get myself ready and sit down with my breakfast. I take some time to fill in my “Five Minute Journal,” drink my coffee and give some attention to my dog!

    We then go for a quick walk and I head off to school!

    Posted 3.16.19 Reply
  3. Mary wrote:

    Up at 5:45 and get right to hair and makeup for work. I choose clothes the night before, as well as making sure my purse is packed with what I need to get through a 10 hour work day without leaving the hospital where I work. On weekends it’s the opposite! I catch up on sleep, wear comfy clothes and it’s very casual. I love to linger with morning beverage, watch tv, and just basically unplug from the week! I love being a homebody!

    Posted 3.16.19 Reply
  4. Rochelle wrote:

    All my mornings look so different. I definitely need to make a routine. I haven’t had one since I started uni

    Chelle: http://www.chellbelle2016.blogsot.co.uk

    Posted 3.16.19 Reply
  5. Heather wrote:

    I’m exactly opposite! Alarm goes off at 5:30, hubby makes me a big coffee and I immediately do the Proverbs Women’s First 5 app. Then while he goes back to sleep I read/look at social media/browse on iPad until almost 7 when I get up and get ready for work. I leave at 7:30. I’m a teacher and it’s a great way to start the day before things get CRAZY!

    Posted 3.16.19 Reply
  6. Valerie wrote:

    I like to wake up early, spend some time reading my bible then get ready for the day eat breakfast then head out to work.

    Posted 3.16.19 Reply

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