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I know that denim shorts are not for everyone. I get it! I have a difficult time finding a pair that is comfortable, provides enough coverage, and fits just right. One of my favorite pairs over the last couple years are these cutoff shorts. They’re at a higher price point, but if you find yourself continuously wanting to wear shorts, they may be worth it to you! They’re comfortable, flattering, and hold up really well, especially for a destructed, cutoff style. If you love the style but aren’t ready to invest in a pair, I’ve found a few similar options: these are under $20 and these are under $40. If you already have a pair of denim shorts you love, but aren’t sure of how to wear them, I’ve got a few ideas for you!

Casual Chic

I often talk about pairing casual with dressy and how I like the balance that creates in an outfit. Since I’m more of a casual dresser, I’m most comfortable in that category. However, sometimes I want to mix things up or make things feel a little more fancy, so I’ll pair a nicer top or shoes with a casual item on the bottom. This outfit is the epitome of that whole philosophy! I love the ruggedness of the shorts with the structure of the collared shirt, finished off with a fun pair of wedges.

SHOP THE LOOK: Shorts (wearing my normal size; similar option), Top, Wedges, Letter Necklace, Horn Necklace, Bracelet Set

Date Night

We don’t do many fancy date nights, but I do like the idea of adding a little something extra for an evening out with my husband. For this look, I paired my favorite bralette with a cami and some flats to create a pretty outfit that is equal parts comfortable and sexy.

SHOP THE LOOK: Shorts (wearing my normal size; similar option), Cami, Bralette, Pointed Toe Flats, Hoop Earrings

Weekend Wear

It’s no secret that I love the sweater tank trend that’s been happening this season! I like that it’s a slightly more conservative option paired with non-refined shorts – there’s that mix and match thing I like to do again! I just added a pair of statement tassel earrings and my favorite espadrilles to pull the whole look together.

SHOP THE LOOK: Shorts (wearing my normal size; similar option), Sweater Tank, Espadrilles, Bag, Tassel Earrings, Bracelet Set

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  1. Abigail wrote:

    I love the look of sweater tanks, but I’m so hesitant to get one since I honestly don’t understand when to wear it! I’m worried I would be cold on a cooler day, but too warm on a warm day.

    Posted 5.24.19 Reply
    • Lauren wrote:

      You can easily wear a denim or field jacket over it on a chillier day (if you’re inside with A/C or in the shade). I wear it when it’s in the 70’s – not so hot that I want a super lightweight top on, but not so cool that I need a long-sleeve. Just depends on what you prefer and where you live, too!

      Posted 5.27.19 Reply

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