Four Uses for This Under $20 Travel Case

I love a good case, pouch, zipped bag…basically anything that you can use when packing for a trip or to toss into your tote. While I love to splurge on beautiful leather cases, like this set, I’ll also spring for a good deal. I found this zipper case several months ago and have been using it quite a bit for travel! It’s under $20 (sometimes even more discounted with coupons) and great quality for the price. As an organization junkie, what sold me was the fact that you can create your own sections within the case using the included dividers. There are all different types of configurations you can do – you can see a few in these different ideas. I also love that there’s a zipper pocket on the top flap and that it has hard sides, so whatever you pack in it won’t get crushed. Just like I love finding multiple ways to wear a piece of clothing, I’m always looking for new ways to use things like this. I’ve got four ideas for you!

For Accessories

Usually when I’m packing accessories to bring on a trip, they go in a bunch of different pouches or cases or pockets in my tote. I love that I can pack all of my accessories in one case with this! You can create a section for sunglasses, if you’re like me and travel with more than one pair of them, your fragrance, nail polish, bandanas and hair accessories, and any other things like that. I wouldn’t pack my jewelry in here, since I have a different case for that, but everything else is fair game.

For Makeup

The most obvious use for this case is to pack your makeup in it! I’ve used it for makeup and really liked how I’m able to visually see everything laid out in the case, versus all piled on top of each other in a zipper case or traditional makeup bag. Since I tend to travel with a “capsule” collection of makeup, everything I need easily fits into this case.

For Electronics

I love this idea, especially for long trips or traveling internationally. I feel like I always bring more electronics when we go to Europe, since I want to have multiple pair of headphones for the plane and need to bring adapters, etc. Being able to have one place for everything is a great way to start organized and ensure I don’t misplace anything!

For Toiletries

Another option is to use it to pack all of your toiletries. If you’re minimal, you can even do makeup and toiletries in one! Again, I love being able to have everything in one place, so this works great for products for the shower, skincare, and other hygiene products.

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  1. 6.17.19
    Dina Moore said:

    Love the way you showed different storage options for this travel case!

  2. 6.24.19
    Lauren B. said:

    Hi Lauren,

    I’m not sure if it’s me or Amazon but the link does not seem to be working for the case. Is it out of stock? I wanted to buy it for my upcoming honeymoon. Thanks!