Three Highlighters for a Summer Glow

It wasn’t until a year or so ago that I started wearing a highlighter regularly. Fast forward to now, my makeup feels unfinished if I’ve forgotten to apply a highlighter to my cheeks and nose! I love a natural looking, “lit from within” type of look when it comes to my makeup routine. While I want to even my skin tone, cover any blemishes, and accentuate certain things on my face (like my eyes!), I also want my skin to look natural and healthy! There are multiple factors that go into this, like a good skincare routine and choosing the right foundation, but using a highlighting product is definitely key.

I’m very picky when it comes to some products, like mascara and foundation, but much more adventurous with others, like highlighters. I love to play around with different brands, formulas, and colors, since it’s just a small element of my routine. I recently picked up a few new-to-me highlighting products from Walmart that I’ve been loving. I’ve been doing some of my makeup and beauty product shopping at Walmart in the last few months, once I discovered just how many brands and products they carry! Plus, with free shipping over $35, I almost always get free shipping with my orders. I’m one of those people that just keeps adding to the cart when browsing makeup products, so it’s not hard to get over $35 worth!

I often opt for a highlighting product that is powder (versus liquid) but wanted to try out both. What is convenient about a liquid option is that you can apply it more easily on the go – no need for a brush – and can blend it in nicely into your skin. On the other hand, what I like about a powder option is the ability to apply it so that it looks super natural with a fluffy brush. Like anything else, it’s a matter of trial and error to find your favorite product and application method!

Top: Lumi Glotion Middle: Glow On Bottom: Master Chrome

I’m usually of the opinion that if I’m going to take the time to apply a product, like a highlighter or a lipstick, I want other people to be able to tell that I applied it! It’s always disappointing when you take the time to do your makeup and then it’s all melted together by mid-day. With the highlighters that I’ve been using, two of them are bold, easily seen options, while the other is great for no-makeup days.

Neutrogena Glow On Liquid Face Highlighter

shade: Moonlight Galaxy

This liquid highlighter is most similar to highlighters I’ve used in the past, except that I usually go for a powder versus liquid. I love the pink-undertone, as it’s a great complement to my skin. A little goes a long way with this particular product, so I squeeze just a little bit onto my fingertips and slowly dab on the top of my cheeks and along the bridge of my nose. When it catches the sun, it’s the most beautiful looking thing – it’s got just the right amount of shimmer to shine in the light without looking like glitter.

Facestudio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter

shade: Molten Gold

I’ve been using this one for a couple of months and love it! I often go for a silver-toned highlighter, so I was intrigued by the gold in this one. Plus, my skin tends to be a warmer tone in the summer months (thanks, sunless tanner!), so I thought the gold would complement it well. This one is highly pigmented and long-lasting, so it’s a great option. I apply it with a fluffy brush to the tops of my cheeks and along the bridge of my nose for a rich, shimmery glow.

L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumo Glotion Hightlighter

shade: Fair

What I love about this option is how natural and subtle it is. It’s a glow “enhancer”, so it can be used with or without makeup to brighten your face and give you a “lit from within” look. You can apply it all over your skin, or just use it on the areas you want highlighted, if you’re going for a bright, minimal makeup look. On days when I’m just doing a little under eye concealer and tinted lip balm, I like to add this to my cheeks and cupid’s bow for a little dimension and luminescence.

Whether you like a cooler or warmer toned highlighter, liquid or powder, or something in between, Walmart’s beauty department has you covered for achieving a natural and healthy looking glow this summer!

This post is sponsored by Walmart. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. Ooh I need to try all of these, especially the L’oreal one as I’ve been looking for the perfect subtle highlighter and this one looks great!

    Shannon |

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  2. I have always loved Master Chrome! Its so good and seriously so comparable to expensive brands.

    Stephanie | a learning story blog

    Posted 7.28.19 Reply
  3. Megan S. wrote:

    Love this post and your nail polish! What color is the nail polish? So cute!

    Posted 8.1.19 Reply
    • Lauren wrote:

      Essie First Impression

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