The Best Booties for Fall

Booties season is here and I’m ready for it! I’ve been wearing mules and flats for the last couple months (fun fact: sandals are my least favorite kind of shoe to wear, so I’ll wear mules/flats through the summer, too!), so I’m ready for a little more variety in the footwear department. As with nearly everything else in my closet over the last year or so, I’ve tried to be much more intentional about what I purchase and bring into my wardrobe. I prefer to invest in things that will last me several seasons and years, versus just buying that cute pair of shoes that I’ll wear a couple times this fall and then never pick up again. I do like to add a few trendy items to my closet, like those leopard booties, but I’ll usually opt for a budget-friendly option for those.

The types of booties I like to have in my closet:

Neutral with a Heel: this option is great because they can be worn with a casual outfit, like ripped jeans and an oversized cardigan, or you can dress them up with a midi skirt and moto jacket.

Black: a pair of black booties might be the most essential type of bootie to have, assuming you like to wear black! I tend to have a pretty dark/moody wardrobe in the late fall and winter, so black booties can go with just about anything that I wear. A pair with a heel are super easy to dress up, while more of a Chelsea boot style can be worn with just about everything

Neutral with No Heel: to me, this is about as “essential” as a pair of black booties. I like a no (or very low) heel option for everyday wear.

Casual, like a Rain Boot: I’ve shared this before, but I love a pair of Chelsea rain boots to wear when it is raining/precipitating in the fall and winter. I wear a pair of thicker socks with them to keep my feet warm. They work great for trudging through any wet grass, slush, and more that can accumulate on the streets and sidewalks. Since we don’t get much snow, it’s hard to justify wearing proper snow boots very often, which is why these rain boots + warm socks work so well!

A Statement Pair: I love to have one pair of statement shoes for a season – something that I can wear with a neutral outfit to mix things up and add a little edge to an outfit. Since leopard print is so big right now, I figured a leopard print bootie is the perfect option for this year! These work great with an all-black outfit, with jeans and a chunky knit sweater, with leggings and tee…lots of outfits!

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If you love the idea of wearing booties but struggle with how exactly to wear them, my rule of thumb is to have about 1/2-1″ of skin showing between the top of your booties and the bottom of your pants. A good amount of my denim are ankle length, so I can just throw on jeans and booties and head out the door. If your jeans tend to be longer, consider cuffing them a bit to create that space.

You’ll definitely be seeing lots of booties styled on my blog and Instagram feed this season, so you can always refer to those to look for inspiration!

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