February Amazon Favorites

  1. Daily Ritual Military Jacket – Moving into warmer weather, this kind of we jacket is at the top of my list! I love having a more masculine style to pair with dresses, soft color palettes, and feminine details.
  2. Lazy Susan Turn Table – We have a ton of storage space in our new house (which is the best!), so getting some fo these lazy susan organizers for the corners of our pantry and cabinets were at the top of my list. They make great use of awkward storage spaces because you can access a lot of items with a quick spin of the table.
  3. Wool Dryer Balls – I’ve just recently started using dryer balls instead of dryer sheets and am liking them! I have a set of black for darks and these white ones for lighter colors. I haven’t yet added any essential oils into the balls, but know that’s common practice to add a good scent to your clothes, too!
  4. Full Body Pregnancy Pillow – Admittedly, I don’t sleep with this much because I’m so attached to my regular bed pillow and can’t give it up! However, it was very comfortable for the rest of my body to sleep with. If you’re in the market for a pregnancy pillow, I recommend giving this one a try.
  5. Faux Potted Plants – I love decorating with faux plants – they add a little color, texture, and warmth to any space. This set would be cute lined up on a counter or separated in different areas.
  6. Leather Mules – I love these for heading into spring! They look great paired with jeans, or even with a dress and duster cardigan.
  7. Men’s Silicone Wedding Rings – Mike prefers silicone rings since he lifts weights several times a week. He recently got this pack of rings and loves how they fit and feel.
  8. Set of Beauty Blenders – I’ve heard and read great things about this set of beauty blenders, so I’m excited to give them a try. I use a beauty blender to blend my concealer (and sometimes apply my foundation) every time I put on makeup, so they will definitely be getting used. I’m anxious to see if they really do stand up to the more expensive options!
  9. Moroccan Area Rug – We’ve had this rug in our living room for well over a year and LOVE it! It’s held up so well in a high-traffic area and still looks great.
  10. Digital Meat Thermometer – A kitchen staple for cooking meats, for sure. We were without one for about a week and all of our meat was overcooked!
  11. Women’s Swimsuit – This swimsuit looks super flattering and have fantastic reviews. If we had a tropical vacation coming up, I would definitely try it out!

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