Mornings with Liam

Liam is just over 9 weeks old and I feel like we’re just now getting into a bit of a rhythm with what our days look like. He’s not on a set schedule yet, but he often wakes in the six o’clock hour. With the routine that Mike and I have set up with him, I’m getting up with Liam in the morning, so we’re starting our day together! It’s become cherished time that I look forward to every day. We usually get up, he will stretch a bit while I get his bottle and my first cup of coffee for the day, and then we’ll sit on the couch while he eats and I caffeinate. Once he’s done with his bottle, I’ll lay him on his piano playmat for some activity and a little energy burn while I make a quick breakfast to eat.

Some mornings, we’ll go out for a walk or sit out on the porch to get a little fresh air. He loves being outside! Other mornings, I’ll just bring him around the house with me while I tidy things up or start a load of laundry.  He’s gotten so much more observant in the last couple of weeks, so he likes to look at everything as I’m carrying him around. We’ll spend time together for about an hour or so and then he’ll be ready for his morning nap!

Since I usually roll right out of bed, quickly brush my teeth, and then head downstairs with him, I’ve found myself wanting to sleep in full pajama sets. I used to just sleep in a tank or tee, but I like being able to get up and go without having to even think about what I’m wearing. In case we get a delivery or I want to pop outside on our front porch, I’m already in a cute top and shorts set that I wouldn’t mind somebody seeing me in (which I can’t say about what I used to sleep in!). This print also comes in a sleepshirt and crop pajama pants.

I bought my first pajama set from Soma back when I was very pregnant to have for postpartum. They are from the cool nights line, just like this cute banana set, and so comfortable. I tend to run hot when I sleep, but I’m able to sleep in these pajamas without getting too warm because of the cool feeling of the fabric. If you’re an expectant mom and don’t know about postpartum night sweats, do yourself a favor and get some pajamas from this line in preparation! I also have these very soft lounge pants and this cocoon wrap that I love!

Thank to Soma Intimates for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. 8.14.20
    Kate said:

    Liam is such a gorgeous little guy!

    Love that set – would you mind sharing your experience regarding sizing?