My Linen Closet Organization

Is it just me or is all this time at home causing you to re-think and re-organize all the systems you have in place already? I’ve done more decluttering and re-arranging in the last few months than I have in awhile!

When we first moved into our home, I sort of dumped all my hair and beauty products into our linen closet in the water closet of our master bathroom. The closet has built-in shelves, which I love, but there wasn’t a whole lot of order to the area. I recently had the itch to not only make sense of it, but also do a big purge of items that are expired & no longer good. I hopped on Amazon and ordered some bins and organizational drawers to help me make sense of the flow of the closet and I’m so happy with how it turned out!

I got these small and large acrylic drawers that I used to separate out all of my beauty products – masks, serums, creams, etc. I used to have them all thrown together in bins, which was fine but not the most functional way to organize them. Now, when I’m looking for a specific product, I can just scan for the category on the outside of the drawers and find exactly what I’m looking for. For bigger and miscellaneous items, I purchased a couple of these open bins. While the most aesthetically pleasing option would be to just have a bunch of pretty woven baskets like this, I really like being able to see what’s inside each of the acrylic bins without needing to pull them out!

Having everything organized this way means two things: I will get more use out of the products that I own because I can actually see that I have them and I’ll know when I need to restock on any favorites because I will be able to quickly see that I’m out.

If you’re looking to get organized and are in need of some storage solutions, here are some options:

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  1. 7.30.20
    Angelica said:

    Very impressive. I love the little wicker baskets. They really dress it up a bit.

    XX Angelica

  2. 7.31.20
    Lana Weeks said:

    Is that your handwriting on the labels cause it is adorable 😍