My Three Lip “Looks” for Summer

I always opt for lighter, lower maintenance makeup in the summer. A lot of days, I’ll just put on a little under eye concealer, fill in my brows, add mascara, and that’s it. It’s a quick 5 minutes to pull myself together a little bit. For my lips, some days I’ll just swipe on some good old fashioned clear lip balm, but other times I want to add a little color to finish it off. Even just a slightly tinted balm makes a big difference! It helps to balance out the other makeup that I’ve applied, even if it’s just a little, and adds some life to my lips.

I have three go-to options for my lips in the summer: a barely-there neutral, a subtle rose, and a little burst of a warm pink. I usually prefer cooler undertones, pinks over reds, and sheer finishes over full coverage. My number one sticking point with any lip product is that it is hydrating and wears well. I never want to feel like I  have to keep re-applying or like the moisture has been sucked out of my lips. The three lipsticks I’m sharing are hydrating, they wear really well, and they’re all available at Nordstrom, which makes shopping for them a breeze.

A barely-there neutral

This beautiful neutral sheer lipstick (Mirage) has a rosy undertone and high-shine finish. It comes as part of a set of four colors, ranging from taupe to a bright fuchsia. I’m a longtime fan of the Dior Addict Lip Glow, so it’s no surprise to me that I’m really liking the Stellar Shine line, as well. You can also buy the stellar shine lipstick individually.

A subtle rose

When I’m looking for a little more color, but something that is still sheer and natural-looking, I find myself reaching for the Dior Addict Lip Glow in Rosewood. I like that it’s really just an enhancement of my natural lip color and adds a little bit of shine. These Lip Glow’s are super hydrating and comfortable to wear.

A little burst of warm pink

When I’m looking for a little punch of color to switch things up, I’ll reach for a warm pink lipstick, like Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in Liv It Up.  This is a regular lipstick formulation, but isn’t drying at all. I like that it is a “fuller coverage” lipstick, but still keeps my lips feeling hydrated. It also wear really well and will naturally wear off throughout the course of the day, instead of settling into creases and lines in my lips.

I find myself going for a barely-there neutral or subtle rose most often because they look the most natural. I like the way that a more natural lip color looks with subtle makeup, which I do so often. It’s always good to have a pop of color in your repertoire, though! You never know when you may be feeling a little sassy and want to change things up!

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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