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My Plan for our Screened-In Porch

One of the things that I was looking forward to about living in Raleigh was the possibility of finding a home with a screened-in porch, as they’re quite common here. We had a deck at our last home, which was…

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Inside the Nursery

I’m so excited to finally share our baby boy’s nursery with you! It’s been a labor of love and has been so fun to get set up for him. Aside from the growing belly attached to me, putting together my…

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Figuring Out Your Home Decor Style

I’ve always loved decorating. My mom has a great eye for decorating, so I grew up watching her decorate (and re-decorate and re-decorate and re-decorate) every room in our home. Since I had an interest in it, I’d often go…

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New House Design: The Master Bedroom

Another room that I have pretty much figured out for the new house is our master bedroom. It won’t be all that different from our current room, but I think we’ll be adding a couple pieces and things to fill…

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New House Design: The Sitting Room

As you can maybe imagine, I’ve been daydreaming of how I’m hoping to decorate our new home for the last few weeks. As soon as we stepped foot inside the home, I was already picturing where I’d want to put…

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Our Master Bathroom Makeover

One of the things that we loved about this townhouse when we first saw it was the opportunity for us to do some updates/home makeover type things. I love a good project like that and Mike wanted to experiment with…

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