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Shop Your Closet: Paperbag Shorts

Have you tried the paperbag short trend yet? I was hesitant about it at first, but have since added several pair to my summer wardrobe! I love that they can be styled a lot of ways, from super casual to…

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Shop Your Closet: A Striped Top

I feel like with each item that I include in this series, I keep saying that it’s one of the most versatile things you can have in your closet. That’s definitely true today! A striped top is a classic that…

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Shop Your Closet: A Simple Dress

I’m excited to share four different ways to style a simple dress with you! Throughout this series, I’ve shared three ways per item, but had to throw in a fourth for this particular dress. I’ve had this dress for a…

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Shop Your Closet: Cutoff Shorts

I know that denim shorts are not for everyone. I get it! I have a difficult time finding a pair that is comfortable, provides enough coverage, and fits just right. One of my favorite pairs over the last couple years…

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Shop Your Closet: Little Black Dress

The closet staple that most women can say they own (or have owned) is a Little Black Dress! When in doubt, especially if trying to find something for a more formal event, go for the LBD. It’s an instant classic.…

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Shop Your Closet: Grey Tee

Arguably, the most common closet staple is a simple tee! For me, it’s a grey v-neck, although I don’t discriminate too much when it comes to a t-shirt. It’s an obvious choice for a very simple, no thought necessary outfit.…

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