5 things that sushi taught me

i had my first experience with sushi yesterday. i’ve always wanted to try it but was a little skeptical. i’ve had seafood maybe three times in my life and i kind of like it that way. it’s not so much the taste that i can’t get into, but the smell. my dad is allergic to shellfish and i’ve decided to voluntarily take on that “allergy” to avoid having to eat stuff from the ocean. either way, i had sushi. and i’ll be honest, i didn’t hate it, but i didn’t really love it either. my roommate told me that a california roll was a pretty safe bet, so that’s what i went with. she also forced encouraged me to try her shrimp tempura, so i had crab AND shrimp. big deal, folks.

here’s what sushi taught me:
1. there’s no elegant, graceful, or socially acceptable way to eat sushi.
2. i can’t use my typical “tear off a tiny piece and eat, piece by piece” method of eating. i rarely put an entire piece of anything in my mouth at one time (crackers, oreos, pretzels…i just can’t do it.) unfortunately, i did not have that luxury with sushi.
3. eating ginger to “cleanse your palette” is another form of removing any and all traces of bacteria in your mouth. i swear, it was like swallowing mouth wash.
4. if something comes with a tail, it’s not for me. (read: shrimp tempura)
5. edamame is always a perfect alternative to eating sushi.

sushi, it’s been real. we can remain acquaintances, but i think i’ll stick to the cooked, non-seaweed wrapped stuff.

Hi there!

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  1. 8.16.12

    Years ago, when my now husband and I were planning our first date, I told him no sushi. That was one of his favorite foods.

    But I decided to be open-minded and he took me for sushi a couple times. I didn't love it at first but now I really do. I think just like with kids, adults need to taste things and experience things a few times before accepting it. At least I did.

  2. 8.16.12

    Even though it sounds like it was not for you, you should be really proud of yourself for trying something new! I wish I could try sushi again for the first time, I love it but I know it's not for everyone 🙂

    E x


  3. 8.16.12
    Amy said:

    Haha, in regards to #1. I cut mine or make them two bites and my fiance always says "you can't eat it like that!" one bite!


  4. 8.16.12

    Shrimp tempura rolls are my fav! Both rolls you ate only had cooked seafood. I cannot eat the raw stuff. And ginger…ewww!! Glad you tried something new. Maybe give it another try later. It is definitely an acquired taste.

  5. 8.16.12
    Sam said:

    hahaha! I hate eating sushi in one bite! Plus I eat it with a fork which is even more awkward. Glad you tried it!

  6. 8.16.12
    Anonymous said:

    I am not sushi or seafood person either- just not my thing!

  7. 8.16.12
    Sarah said:

    I love Sushi….safe bet with the california roll, that was my first kind too!! Now I crave it!

  8. 8.16.12

    At least you ate the cooked kinda shushi, always the best way to try sushi for the first time.

  9. 8.16.12
    Jessica said:

    I love sushi, but not so much the raw stuff. I like the American-ized stuff the best. And I used to HATE the pickled ginger — tasted like I was sucking on a Lysol wipe! But I've grow to like it.

    Don't give up on sushi yet. You sometimes have to try it a few times. You may even start craving it a bit since you've now tried it. That's what, oddly, happened to me.


  10. 8.16.12
    Anonymous said:

    As a vegan, seafood is off limits. However, I LOVE going to sushi places and ordering vegetable rolls! Yum! You get all the wonderful-ish-ness of the sushi, but without the fish! Love it. And the ginger? I always skip that part. No one said I followed the rules when eating sushi…

  11. 8.16.12
    Kristina said:

    I remember being totally grossed out by sushi the first time I had it, and now I love it. Don't write it off just yet!



  12. 8.16.12

    ya girl….sushi is not for me either. i've tried it a few different times, hoping my tastes would change, but no luck. being cool and trendy just isn't worth it! 🙂

  13. 8.16.12

    Yes, sushi is probably not a first "date" food. You know what's funny, most women are like "I'm going to order a salad". I don't know about you, but salads are not that lady like either lol.


  14. 8.16.12

    I hate the Ginger!! I never use it.

  15. 8.16.12
    Anonymous said:

    HA! This made me laugh as this is exactly how I feel about sushi. So NOT for me. yuck

    Lindsay @

  16. 8.16.12

    I absolutely love this! I literally ate sushi last night with my hubby! And I am very particular about which "safe" options I have available to me! And it was definitely an acquired taste over a few visits!!! I love that I totally agreed with your 5 lessons!!! Hil.Ar.I.OUS!!

  17. 8.16.12

    Keep trying it. It is an acquired taste and eventually even the straight up raw stuff is amazing. I like tuna rolls, salmon rolls, anything with crab, cream cheese, and avocado. The fried rolls with the spicy mayo are typically amazing and, obviously cooked. Try the wasabi…it's amazing. Just be frugal with it at first. It'll make your eyes water. And, the low sodium soy sauce is always better… Good Luck on your next adventure. The best thing to do is to go with a friend who LOVES sushi and gets several different kinds, that way you can try a few different things.

  18. 8.16.12
    Victoria said:

    You are braver than I am! I know sushi is all the rave,but I don't care who yiu are, if you want to do dinner…Let's hit up a diner for bugers, fries, and shakes or some place with awesome mexican food. I will be ordering fully cooked BEEF and there will be no seaweed in sight. 🙂 Glad you made it out alive!

    • 8.17.12
      Laura said:

      Haha I totally agree with you 🙂

  19. 8.16.12
    Anonymous said:

    The good news is the "crab" you had was not real. I think the imitation crab they use in sushi tastes and smells way more fishy than real crab meat. As for the ginger, I like to put it on top of an exceptionally spicy piece of sushi. This way you're not tasting just ginger and you're taking the sting out of an otherwise really spicy bite.

  20. 8.16.12
    dxeechick said:

    I was also someone who hated it the first time I tried it. But one day I literally woke up craving sushi! We ate it so much that I actually got tired of it.

  21. 8.16.12

    Hi Lauren! I'm right there with you girl! I've had sushi once in my life, and I built the anticipation up so much that I couldn't handle it. I tried to bite my piece in half, and well…that just ruined the whole thing. I do love my seafood, but it must be cooked, and also not wrapped in sticky rice or seaweed!


  22. 8.16.12

    hilarious. love this. i am limited with the sushi i can eat cause i'm allergic to fish – not allergic to shellfish, but allergic to regular fish. but i didn't know you're supposed to EAT the ginger?! that's crazy – i always just put it in my soy sauce hahahah SO MUCH soy sauce. also. LOVE edamame. SO GOOD.

  23. 8.16.12
    Anonymous said:

    mmmm that sushi looks so amazing 🙁
    but I guess it's not for everyone lol
    xoxo Lynn

  24. 8.16.12

    The first time I tried sushi, I had the same experience — I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. Now, my husband and I go out for sushi all the time, and I make the trek to Whole Foods for lunch sometimes just to pick up a pre-made roll. However, something I have learned about myself is that I don't love the rolls with a ton of stuff in them. I'm more of a rice, seaweed, and tuna kind of girl. Or just plain pieces of tuna or salmon. That may be another way for you to go! 🙂

  25. 8.16.12
    Beth said:

    I so want to like sushi. I have tried it 4 times but each time I literally want to throw up. Please tell me the secret to loving it. I even did the California roll and didn't care for it.

  26. 8.16.12
    Anonymous said:

    This made me laugh because everything you said about sushi is so true! I wish it were socially acceptable to cut pieces of sushi in half before you eat them. I always feel like such a slob! Alos, I stay farrrr away from the ginger.

  27. 8.17.12
    Jes said:

    The only seafood I used to eat was tuna packets. The first time I had sushi (just last year) I was givin the intense raw rolls. Ewww. I hated it.

    Then I gave it another shot, and turns out I really like shrimp tempura roll (except for the piece with the tail. How am I supposed to eat that?), vegetable tempura roll, california roll, and I think it's called the tootsi maki roll (just shrimp, cucumber, and crab). But that's wear it ends. RA Sushi is the best sushi restraunt I've been too (I think they have a few locations across America).

  28. 8.17.12

    i'm so with you on this!!!! first off….i take bites of everything so sushi is just way to big…second no tails gross….edamame is always my alternative too!…i've tried sushi several times but i just can't get into it… 🙂

  29. 8.17.12
    Sandra said:

    I really love sushi, yeah ok, quiet dificult to eat, but worth it.
    BUt I never heard of edamame, have to google it right now^^

  30. 8.17.12

    I've heard that in Japan they make their pieces of sushi much smaller so that you can actually eat it in one bite without having a mouth full. I love sushi but would definitely like to be able to take smaller bites!

  31. 8.17.12
    Beverly said:

    SUSHI RULE is to eat the entire piece and neverrrr try to rip the seaweed while biting into it!

  32. 8.17.12

    I avoided Sushi for years – but when I had it was love at first bite. That beings said, I LOVE seafood, love it. I'm more of a, if it has a face I don't want to eat it. Then I remember how good Royal Red Shrimp, Crabs and Crawfish are to me and that logic flies out the window. Kudos to you for trying it. You can't regret things never being done if you at least try it once.

    I have heard on the travel channel that it's socially acceptable to eat sushi with your fingers so if you have issues with chop sticks (I tend to) that it's OK to use your hands. I haven't done it yet, but it's good to know I won't get dirty looks.

    Lastly, if you aren't 100% on sushi, as your friend said California is pretty safe, or anything with steamed shrimp in it, sans tail of course. I love tuna, and salmon and well… just about anything but eel, can't eat the eel. *skin is crawling just thinking about it*

  33. 8.19.12

    I tend to go with rice wraps when at a sushi place – usually with chicken inside! It makes me feel like I'm enjoying the sushi experience without the seafood factor (I just can't handle seaweed!).

    Although last night at my hen's night I tried the perfect bite size portions of California ones for the first time ever, and I enjoyed them – I had chicken and tuna ones but I would have tried salmon since I enjoy salmon. I'm just not a fan of seaweed or prawns…

  34. 8.20.12

    I LOVE sushi! You should try the Philadelphia Rolls. Salmon, Cucumber and Cream Cheese! Thats my ultimate favorite. Also at some sushi restaurants they have chicken teriyaki, which is unusual but its pretty good too without the seafood. Ok… now I have a sushi craving!!

  35. 1.3.13

    That is totally how I feel! Although I enjoy the taste (I really like seafood) I hate that you have to eat the whole thing at once! I like to take normal sized bites, not shove 5 bites worth of food in my mouth at once…We had sushi on mine and my husbands second date (the first time I ever tried it). he must have been okay with how ridiculous I looked eating it.