INTRODUCTION: the boyfriend

most of you probably know by now that i have been dating Mike for a couple of months. what you probably don’t know is that we’ve known each other since freshman year of high school. we met in youth group and had some mutual friends. during the summer going into our junior year, we went on a mission trip together to driggs, ID. (which you’ve probably never heard of…because it’s very tiny. it sits right at the foot of the Grand Teton Mountain Range, which is gorgeous.) anyway, so we’ve known each other for many years, but nothing ever happened. i finally got him to admit that he had a crush on me in high school for a little bit, but i was dating someone else at the time. fast forward to this past summer, when he and another friend came to visit my roommate and me. i think it’s pretty safe to say that we both went into the weekend not expecting anything to spark up between us, but both being slightly interested in the possibility. it’s a weird thing, going from being friends to maybe something more.

the weekend was great and we had a lot of fun. as i look back on it, it’s funny to remember the times when we just so happened to be next to each other or the fact that he always sat next to me in the car. little did we know those small instances could change everything. he left with a crush, and i was sad to see him go. i wasn’t sure where he stood or what he thought about the whole thing, but i know that i woke up every morning after that thinking about him and wondering what he was doing. we started casually talking on facebook. we spent most of our conversations joking around with each other. it was easy and i always looked forward to seeing that little red number over the inbox on my facebook page, letting me know that he wrote back to me. after about a week of that, i decided to put myself out there a little bit and text him first. i was tired of refreshing my facebook app every 5 minutes, and figured it wouldn’t be weird to transition to texting. (of course, he later tells me that he took that as a huge indication that i was interested in him…and even jokes that i was coming on a little strong. this coming from the guy that i had to literally beg to call me on the phone…story on that one later.) so, the texting began. it wasn’t long before we were talking every day, for the entire day. when i look back on that now, i honestly do not know what we even could have said to each other to make our conversations last that long. but, at the time, it was the best thing ever and i wasn’t about to change it.

it didn’t take long for me to develop a real crush and a genuine interest in him. i happened to be going home just a few weeks after he came to NC, so we were able to hang out. (how’s this for lame: when he finally asked me to hang out that weekend, after double-checking with my roommate that i would, in fact, agree to hang out with him, he told me that he had to go back home to pick up a couple things at his house, so it just miraculously worked out that we would be able to see each other. no asking me out on a real date, no telling me he wanted to see me, nothin’. it just conveniently worked out. he hasn’t lived that one down, yet.) so, we went on dates when i was home in IL, and he came to visit NC a couple of times. by Thanksgiving, we were ready to make it official (well, he was ready to make it official by like the second month. i needed a little more time…so i made him suffer a little bit. he obviously survived.)

like any other relationship, we have a lot of significant dates. we have the date that he came to NC the first time and we re-connected. we have the date that we went on our first more-than-friends date. we have the date that we had the DTR (define the relationship) talk, when we finally admitted to each other that we liked each other and weren’t seeing other peoeple. and then we have the date that we became boyfriend and girlfriend, officially. so, basically, we have 4 anniversaries. but, we only count the official one. boring, right?

probably once a week we talk about how funny/weird it is that we’re dating, since we’ve known each other for so long and never really expected anything to happen. but, i’m so glad that it did.

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