Friday Edit, No.7

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Happy Friday! The cup of coffee sitting in front of me looks nothing like that, but I’ll take it in pretty much any form. I’m looking forward to the weekend. I’m hoping it’s a restful and relaxing one. I could use an uneventful couple of days, ya know what I mean?

Everyone keeps sharing their Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks and I find it kind of torturous that I can’t shop it because I don’t have the card to get access. Although, maybe it’s a good thing – practicing self-control and all. It is difficult for me to imagine shopping for Fall clothes when it’s about 1.2 million degrees outside. 
I ate my first oyster last night and it didn’t kill me, so there’s that. My girlfriend, you may remember her from her blog, and I went out and she has a way of getting me to try much more adventurous foods than I normally would, hence oysters. 
I ordered this new planner for the next year and I cannot wait for it to arrive! 
My sister took me into a Moon & Lola store for the first time last weekend and now I’m wishing they had one in Chicago. It is so cute inside and they have such fun things. 
Does anybody have any fun plans for the weekend?

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