A Coastal Bedroom Update

Our home decor and styling is ever evolving. As much as I love to put together a cute outfit, there’s something about styling a room that invigorates me! I love to watch and be a part of the process from conception to end result. A little known fact about me is that I’ve been designing and re-arranging my room since I was probably 12 years old. I remember the first time my mom asked me if I wanted to help her redecorate my room into a more “grown up” girl room. I landed on a Paris theme (this was after our family took a trip to Paris, naturally), so we decked that room out from floor to ceiling in Paris. One wall was painted red, we had black and white stripes, gaudy Parisian bedding, and even an Eiffel Tower shaped lamp. It was my dream room and I had so much fun working on it with her! Looking back, I’m so thankful that she included me each time we redid it (I think there was only one other makeover done) because it instilled a love for interiors and decorating in me.


Chambray Comforter SetSet of Throw PillowsJute Storage BasketCanvas Wall ArtStriped Throw BlanketSimilar Ladder Bookshelf

Flash forward to being in my own house and I’m still re-decorating and re-thinking spaces regularly! While I’ve honed in on my husband’s and my home style pretty well, some decor can grow kind of stale to me overtime, so I like to be able to make some changes here and there. What I love so much about decorating is that even small changes and swaps can make a large impact in a room…and it doesn’t have to break the bank! One of the places that I’ll look for affordable, high-quality, and stylish decor to use in our home is Walmart Home. I’ve purchased several pieces for different rooms that I’ve been pleased with! For our guest room update, I shopped their Coastal Bedroom Collection and Coastal Wall Art to freshen up the space and add a level of serenity to the room. Whenever I look at this art, I picture myself standing on the edge of the ocean, listening to and watching the waves come in and out, and feeling completely at peace. And yes, I see ocean instead of mountains, haha!

Here’s a list of what I added/changed in our guest room:

Adding some elements like the additional comforter to the end of the bed and the basket with the throw blanket add a great level of coziness for guests. I always want whomever is staying with us to feel at home, so giving them some options for how to sleep most comfortably is a simple step to create that environment.

what a perfect angel model!

Let’s chat a little bit about decorating in a theme or color family, shall we? The way that I like to do this is to pick my centerpiece – the thing that I must have for that room, that I will then choose all other decorative pieces to work with that one piece. For this room, it was the pretty art. It struck me when I was browsing online, so I decided that would be my piece. From there, I browsed for other elements to add to the room that would complement the colors and style of the art. Since it has a bit of a more modern look to it, I liked that the bedding set I chose also has a modern design in the stitching. They don’t compete with one another, but they also don’t match. From there, I wanted to pick up the rich navy in the art, so I opted for the darker throw pillows to draw the eye into the center of the bed. Picking and choosing things like this will create a cohesive decorating style without feeling like (1) you bought a “room in a box” or (2) you used all your random decor in one room.

I like to also be thoughtful about purchasing decor elements that can be used in different rooms or different ways. While you can’t get that with every piece, like this queen-sized bedding which will only work on this bed, it’s a good goal to shoot for. That way, when you do grow tired of a room or corner of your home, it could be as simple as pulling a couple things from other rooms and using them.

It makes me happy and provides a calming effect whenever I walk into our guest room now. Adding some color and new design elements gave it some personality that I feel it was lacking. Now we just need some guests to come and stay in it!

This post is sponsored by Walmart Home. All opinions are my own.

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  1. 8.13.19
    Laurel said:

    curious who takes the pics for your blog? mike? 🙂

    • 8.14.19
      Lauren said:

      I do most of them! For photos that I’m in, I use a tripod and remote shutter release!

  2. 1.2.20
    Dena said:

    Love this guest room!! Where’s that bedside bookshelf from. I love that it’s not a wall leaning one. Thanks!!