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It’s the first Friday of September and I’m so ready for fall. I’m finally willing to admit it. I try my best not to wish seasons away – life is short and I fully believe in being present and living in the moment. That said, I can’t help but get excited for fall weather to show up with all the seasonal decor I’m seeing in stores! Since we don’t have too many plans this weekend, I think I’m going to pull out my box of fall decor in storage and start decorating. Before I know it, it will be October and I still won’t have done it!

Speaking of fall, we’ll be launching our “fall collection” at Elisabeth Ashlie on Monday! Some of our best-selling tassel jewelry in rich, earthy tones, fall-scented candles, curated boxes and more!

I’m quite certain I’ve shared it here before, but if you’re looking for a new podcast to listen to, check out True Crime Obsessed. They watch true crime documentaries and then talk through them. I laugh so hard during every single episode – they crack me up!

This is a cuuuute pair of booties for under $50!

I replaced a beloved open-front cardigan from Zara that I wore until it was pretty much trashed with this cozy number. I love that it’s long enough for leggings! I’ll be living in this through the fall and winter.

A beautiful eyeshadow palette for $8!

The last two years, I’ve watched Gilmore Girls – yes, start to finish – around this time of year. It’s the perfect show to watch during the fall. I’ve got to finish watching through New Girl, but then I’ll be starting up GG again! I love finding a show like that which can play in the background while I’m doing busy work, cleaning, cooking, and things like that!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. 9.6.19
    Christine said:

    Been a hard-core fan of GG since its original run; I submit season 3 as the absolute best!

  2. 9.6.19
    Nicole said:

    Gilmore Girls is my all time favorite show!! I don’t even know how many times I’ve rewatched the series 🙂

  3. 9.6.19
    Jamie McMillan said:

    I”m about to start GG again for the fourth time. I think it’s a great cozy show for fall.

  4. 9.8.19
    Jenny said:

    I bought the eyeshadow palette yesterday on your recommendation. It is lovely to use and has a good range of neutral shades. Am also a fan of GG and New Girl!

  5. 9.10.19
    Diana said:

    That mug is so cute! I’m going to start decorating for fall too, I’m already so excited for it! Hope you have a lovely week xx