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Hello and Happy Friday! It’s been a minute since I’ve shared a coffee conversations post, so here we are! Has the holiday season been crazy for you, too? Running a retail business + this blog + wanting to enjoy the holidays and inevitable travel that comes along with that has meant that the last couple weeks have been madness for me. It’s all good things and I’ve had a good time along the way, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had a countdown going for my last official workday of the holiday season (just before Christmas), which is when I’ll be able to fully exhale and relax. Until then, I’m just trying to pace myself and make lists.

In adding to a little bit of the crazy, we’re heading to my sister’s house for the weekend! I’m excited to see my niece and nephews and hang with the adults for a couple days – we haven’t all been together since the summer, I think, so it should be great! I turned 30 earlier this week and my oldest nephew has a birthday next week, so we’ll do a little birthday celebrating, too.

I picked up this duster cardigan a couple weeks ago and have worn it many times since! It’s a great weight for this time of year and pairs well with all the leggings I’ve been wearing. I’m also very tempted by this. ¬†Oh, and how cute are these?!

I’m still working on expanding my maternity bottoms collection — I’ve finally reached the point where I feel like I need some actual maternity pants, so I’m trying to find jeans that work well for me. I’ve tried a couple pairs of Madewell jeans, but am having a bit of a hard time with sizing. I overestimated the first time around, now have my right size but can’t tell if they’ll stay up. My sister said she had one pair of AG jeans that she loved during her pregnancy and wore the entire time, so I may have to try those. It’s definitely a bit of an adventure! I’m also finding myself in need of some more top options – not necessarily maternity, but more tops like this amazon tee I wear all the time. Something with a little room and length to fit over my growing bump.

My hands have been super dry the last couple weeks, so I ordered some of this restorative hand cream and am truly impressed with the results, thus far. My hands were so dry that they were cracking at the knuckles and you could see the dryness. I’ve used the cream, just at night, for the last two nights and woke up this morning to no visible signs of dryness. I’m so skeptical of things like that and big promises made by products, but this one actually delivered!

One last thing I’ll leave you with: if you’re looking for an inexpensive and great eyeshadow palette, this one is a good one! I shared it on Instagram earlier this week. I’ve been using it for my everyday eyeshadow (in place of my beloved Urban Decay palettes) and get virtually the same look for much less $$$. Plus, it wears really well throughout the day and stays put. I prefer the Light Cool palette for me, but there are other options, depending on your preference.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. 12.6.19
    Miriam said:

    Maternity jeans are hard! I ended up investing in a pair of DL1961 maternity jeans in black. I dressed them up or wore them casual. The under belly style worked well for me because honestly late in pregnancy all that was comfy was dresses and leggings.

  2. 12.7.19
    Stephanie said:

    Old navy maternity jeans worked well for me. And Walmart had some cute cheap maternity t-shirts that I loved.

  3. 12.12.19
    Georgia said:

    Ooo might have to get my hands on that palette, it looks beaut!! Really great post – love this idea!

    Georgia Rose |