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What. A. Week.

How are you doing? Are you hanging in there? It’s been an up and down week for me. I’ve fluctuated between feeling optimistic and choosing positivity and feeling sad and heavy with all that is going on in the world right now. I shared on my Instagram Stories yesterday that the Wednesday night-Thursday AM were particularly emotional for me. It had finally sunk in that the last several weeks of my pregnancy are going to look quite different than what I hoped or expected, not to mention uncertainty about what it will be like when he is actually born. I’m choosing to not let fear and anxiety permeate that part of my life, but I do feel sad that it’s likely going to be a different experience. I feel like I processed my emotions surrounding it and now I’m on the other side of it, choosing to rally and find the good where I can. It’s my hope and prayer that Mike and I will look back on this time with fondness and good memories, instead of stress and uncertainty.

In great news, I had my 32-week check up yesterday and everything is looking just right for baby boy. He’s measuring right on track and is head down, so that made me very happy to hear! He’s been getting lots of hiccups lately, which are becoming more pronounced as he’s growing in there. His room is completely finished, except that we still need to hang curtains. I can’t wait to meet him and finally see what he looks like!

We’ve made a lot of progress on the rest of the house, as well! I’m hoping to start sharing some room “tours” here in the next couple weeks, so I’m excited for you guys to see what we’ve done.

This looks like the perfect summer dress to just throw on. And it’s $10! Also loving these cute slide sandals.

Have you used this volume spray before? It’s fantastic. I used to use it regularly and then sort of forgot about it, but am back on the wagon. It adds so much volume without weighing my hair down, which is exactly what I want!

I realize many people aren’t shopping right now, but if you are, Nordstrom is having a 25% off site wide sale! Some of my most-worn and used higher-end items are included, in case you’re interested:

In case you missed it, I shared 20+ shows and movies to watch on Netflix in this post. Additionally, many of you added your recommendations in the comments, so be sure to browse those for more!

It’s supposed to be a beautiful day in Raleigh today, so I’m hoping to get outside and get some fresh air. Even just sitting outside for 10 minutes has helped to improve my mood in the down times throughout the day. If you can, I encourage you to spend a little time outside today!

I hope you have a restful and peaceful weekend!

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  1. 3.20.20
    Jessica said:

    I had my son premature at 33 weeks and felt like my 3rd trimester had been stolen from me. My kiddo was in the NICU for a couple of weeks at birth and we weren’t able to experience the hospital bonding time as expected. While our situations are different, I can totally see what you are saying about your pregnancy and potentially subsequent birth during this very strange time not being what you expected. We are praying for our country and that this pandemic ends much sooner than the predictions for everyone’s sake. All the best.

  2. 3.21.20
    Nancy said:

    The last few weeks of your pregnancy may not be what you envisioned or hoped for, but they will be filled with beautiful moments of you and Mike and the first weeks with your new baby boy will be precious just the same. Lots of family bonding time. Friends and family will find lots of ways to love on all of you from afar.

  3. 3.22.20
    Allison said:

    I can totally empathize with how you’re feeling. I’m due in about 3 weeks and it’s really difficult to have so much uncertainty in the world right now (when pregnancy and birth has so many surprises of its own!). Everything seems to be shifting–from doing phone calls with my doctor rather than going in for weekly check-ups, to not seeing all the family/friends we had planned to after the baby is born, to worrying about having what we need on hand for the baby (enough of the correct-sized diapers, clothes, etc. that previously could have just been picked up at Target!).

    Anyway, I think you’re so right about carving out little moments of peace in all this–a few minutes outside, some quiet time in the baby’s room thinking about who he’ll be. But it’s an extra challenge to be sure, so don’t feel bad about feeling anxious sometimes too. Sending good thoughts your way. We can do this! ; )

    • 3.26.20
      Lauren said:

      Thanks for the encouragement, Allison! While I wish that nobody else was going through a difficult time or experiencing some of what I’ve been feeling, there’s a little bit of comfort in knowing that we’re all in this together. We’ll get through it! I’m hopeful we’ll look back on this time fondly, even if it is different than we thought it would be. Best of luck in the rest of your pregnancy and prayers for a safe and healthy delivery for you and baby!