How I Added Function and Style to a “Sore Spot” in our Bedroom

I’m certain that I’m not alone when I share that all this extra time spent at home the last couple of months due to COVID has pointed out every single sore spot in our home. We moved into our new house at the end of February and made a lot of great progress in those first few weeks. And while it would be my dream to snap my fingers and have every nook and cranny perfectly organized and decorated, that’s just not reality! So, there were spaces and areas that were left incomplete, partially due to the fact that most retail was closed and also because I like to have a little time living in a space before making decisions on furniture.

One of the spaces that was a bit of an eyesore for me was this empty wall in our ¬†master bedroom. We put our TV up pretty early on and I knew I wanted to add some piece of furniture under it, but wasn’t sure what to do with it, so I waited. After several weeks of it becoming a “drop zone” for random things like our bed pillows, backpacks, and towels needing to be washed, I finally started looking around for inspiration. We didn’t need a traditional dresser to go there, since we have one on another wall in our room, so I wanted to do something more like a console table that would be equal parts functional and decorative.

I found this beauty of a console table at Lowe’s, along with the baskets, pretty vases, faux fiddle leaf plant, and LED candles. The larger water hyacinth milk crates are great to hold things like our handheld clothes steamer, extra chargers and cords, scarves, and hair bandanas. The smaller bins house some of Mike’s most-worn hats, as well as a bin for diapers, wipes, and a couple burp cloths for the baby. Since we didn’t need this area to be 100% storage-based, I opted to add some decorative pieces, too. I love this set of vases to add some height and these battery-operated candles for a cozy element.

I’m really pleased with how the space came together. It’s stylish and looks pretty, while also allowing us a bit of extra storage for some of the things that didn’t otherwise have a great landing spot. While there are some exceptions, one of my home styling philosophies is that everything serve a purpose. Better yet, that individual pieces of furniture serve more than one purpose! By choosing to invest in a console table for this space, versus a traditional “bedroom” piece of furniture, we have the option to easily transition the table to another place in our home. When you allow yourself to think outside of what would traditionally be used in a bedroom, you free yourself up to invest in something you can use for longer and in different rooms in your home.

I love that this room is finally finished – it’s like a big check mark on my mental “to-do” list for the house. It’s so satisfying to organize and bring meaning to an awkward area of a room! For me, especially during busy seasons or times of high stress, it makes all the difference in the world in my mood and mental state to have an organized home.

If you’re finding yourself seeing the sore spots in your home and wanting to de-clutter and organize, Lowe’s has a lot of great storage and decor options! Maybe it’s a playroom that your kids have been utilizing way more the last couple of months, or your makeshift home office that could use some more function, or just different areas of your home that have become drop/clutter zones with everybody home all the time! If you’ve got a long list of those areas, start with something small and tackle it all at once – it’s great to be able to do a project from start to finish and experience the satisfaction that comes from it. Usually, it will inspire you to keep going and take on bigger projects, too!

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