Lounge Sets

2020 has been the year of many things. On the personal style side of things, it’s been the year of lounge sets and white sneakers. I can’t seem to get enough of either! I love a lounge set for what they’re made for – lounging. I wear one nearly every day. Sometimes it’s the only thing I put on for the day, other times it’s just my evening outfit. I have some that are more like pajamas, like set 7 below, and others that I will wear with sneakers out in public, like set 5.

Here’s a look at some of my favorites:


1 top  bottom  //  2 full set  //  3 top bottom  //  4 top bottom  //  5 top bottom //  6 top bottom //  7 top bottom // 8 top bottom //  9 top bottom //  10 full set //  11 top bottom

Are you into the loungewear set trend? 

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  1. 11.30.20

    Please try the Aerie OTT Fleece set – seriously the softest. All over sized so you have to size down but sooo worth it.