My Favorite Leggings

I’m a leggings girl, through and through. If you were to show up at my house on any given day at any time, there’s about a 97% chance you’ll find me in leggings. I’ve tried quite a few and am very picky with the fit, fabric, and how they wear. I’ve narrowed down my favorite leggings to just four pairs, all of which I would personally recommend. Here’s a breakdown of my favorites, why I like them, and the occasion(s) that I wear them for!


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  1. 11.18.20
    Jess said:

    I love the Aerie Offline leggings– they’re probably the best pair of leggings I’ve ever worn! The Colorfulkoala ones didn’t work for me. I’m a size 16/18, just in case that’s helpful to anyone 🙂

  2. 11.18.20
    Bridget said:

    What do you mean by athletic feel? More nylon or more cotton for the finish? Thank you for a great post!

  3. 11.19.20
    Nancy said:

    Thank you for the leggings suggestions. Thank you for sharing your sweet family with us. Liam looks like the sweetest little boy. Perfect blend of his Mommy and Daddy.

  4. 11.20.20
    Elle said:

    Are any of them the fold-down waistband? Is that what you mean by seamless on the Colorful Koala pair? I’m very curious to try the Align ones!

  5. 11.21.20
    Memzie said:

    Dangit. Read this hoping to hear you had a more affordable comfy recommendation than the Lulu aligns. They are the best I’ve found too, it’s just hard to pay so much for leggings!!

    • 11.22.20
      Lauren said:

      The Aerie ones are a similar option!

  6. 12.11.20
    Sara said:

    I find the waistband on the aerie offline always rolls down which is so annoying? Anyone else have this issue? Maybe I ordered the wrong size? They’re very comfortable and lightweight but the waistband is annoying!